Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Saturday Scavenger Shots Word for the Weak Week!

Chulita tagged me to choose this week's Saturday Scavenger Shots word. This excites me quite a bit. You know how I love to be tagged :-) I am still the insecure kid on the playground waiting to be asked to play, apparently. Anyway, given what they have gone through in Iowa City and given all that has been going on both at home and at work for me, I thought of a word that seemed appropriate...and hopefully interesting as well.

The word is: HELP

So, get out your cameras, comb through your photo files, and bring on your examples of the word HELP. Have fun!


evil-e said...

I might need HELP with this word...time to put my evil brain to work. Well done as always

Churlita said...

Oh, nice one. It could be challenging in a good way.

AlienCG said...

Hey Laura, I think you could have used the photos from Monday. Oh well, you probably have more stocked up someplace.

Tara said...

"Help! I need somebody...Help! Not just anybody.." Gah...Beatles song stuck in my head!

Yay, great word! I have one photo in mind, but I'll see if I can dig up more.

daffy said...

hehe, I was going to mention the Beatles too... what else... *thinks really hard*

laura b. said...

Evil-E: I know you will come up with something good...you always do!

Churlita: You always have a new twist on the words, so I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with.

AlienCG: You're right on both counts Alien! :-)

Tara: I like the way your mind works. As long as you have at least one in mind you are probably ahead of the game :-)

Daffy: You should definitely play, Daffy! I imagine you'd put up a great photo or two!