Monday, February 11, 2008

What a Long Short Weekend

I guess I need a bit of venting space, so please bear with me.

My weekend (if I write it down, hopefully my head and heart will clear)

WTG kept Handsome Lad out of school without telling me. Pretended he was taking him to school, called me and told me he would pick him up...and really he took him to work with him. Let me count the ways in which this bothers me.
1. They both lied to me. Directly and by omission.
2. I didn't know where my ten year old son was all day long.
3. Today (Monday) is a day off school for my kids...WTG could have taken him to work today (and did). It wasn't even remotely necessary to miss school on Friday.
I was forced to nastily tell WTG that I will now be having the school call and notify me each time Handsome Lad isn't there. He was extremely pissed, but frankly, I couldn't care much less about that.

I worked and that was fine. It was a very reasonable day for a Saturday. I went out for dinner with Kick Back Dude and his family, and Girlie Girl. Everyone else was busy with their own stuff, so I wasn't neglecting anyone by going out to eat. Still WTG and I managed to have a HUGE fight, mostly about what a horrible person I am. His fondest wish is that I would disappear, but somehow leave my income. Yeah. Well, whatever. It was a very nasty fight though, and both Handsome Lad and Girlie Girl heard most of that. I don't feel good about that, but WTG does like an audience for his own weird reasons. At least after all this time I have learned to stay perfectly calm and answer his accusations as reasonably as possible.
Later that night, after everyone was going to bed, Girlie Girl came in my room and made me promise not to tell a secret she'd been told. It seems Princess Diva is pregnant again. Love Bug is only 6 months old...*sigh* Lord knows I'm not one to judge about the having of the babies...but it is still slightly surprising. And since I am not meant to know yet, I have to now wait until they chose to tell me about the blessed event to be able to talk to anyone around me about this! Thank goodness for you guys.

I had my family birthday brunch. (For those of you keeping track, the actual day is THURSDAY - mark your calendar - haha!) My dad and stepmom came and took all who wanted to attend out to eat at a nice family restaurant. I wasn't expecting WTG to go, although we do attend the same family parties from time to time, of course. I was hurt though, that he took Handsome Lad off for an "adventure" first thing Sunday morning and he didn't attend. That bothered me a lot. I also had to cry a little to get my sister to come. She has some old thing with my dad and doesn't care to see him that much. I reminded her that it would be for me and that we probably wouldn't have any other time to get together in the near future with both of our schedules, wah wah, she kindly came. Social Animal had to work, but the other three kids were there, plus the little ones. Also, my mom came along...for me, as she'd prefer not to spend time with my dad and stepmom either.
Do I sound like the whiniest beeyotch ever?
I did get some good swag. My dad and stepmom gave me a $100 gift card at WalMart. That is a lot of inexpensive goods! My mom gave me some cold hard cash, always a good fit. My sister gave me a $25 AMC theater gift card. Maybe one day I will actually go to a movie again!
Anyway, Sunday dragged on and on. Much like this post. Kick Back Dude and Princess Diva both didn't feel that well, so they stayed at the house aaaaallllll day, so that they could rest and I could keep the babies entertained. I love them all, but it did make for a long, long day. And I kept waiting for them to break down and tell me their news...but they didn't.

And now I will stop. It is all out there, but I'm not sure yet if it helped. Comments almost always help though, so go for it, please. Thanks for letting me babble. You're da greatest.


AlienCG said...

Ah, one person's family. WTG shouldn't have kept Handsome Lad out of school. You are right to have the school notify you.

I do hope Kick Back Dude and Princess Diva tell you before it's obvious.

Tara said...

Something tells me that WTG is not big on useful communication. Didn't he and your son bring home a puppy a few months ago too and didn't ask you first? WTG is the one that needs to disappear and get his own damned life and stop playing those irresponsible, immature games.

It's times like this I wish we all lived nearby (but preferably somewhere warm like California) so we could all help you spend your movie certificate. Hehe.

Viki said...

Oh, hugs and kisses - life can be hard enough without unwanted drama.

I think you should have a me-day. Go shopping, eat some fab dinner and go out for a movie w/out any of the babies and with your friends. It will cheer you up and give you much needed time to clear your head.

laura b. said...

AlienCG: I always think of that quote from Anna Karenina: All happy families are alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
They better tell me soon! Anyone would wonder with the Princess acting so run down...

Tara: You sure got that right! Bad at communicating in any meaningful way, and soooo needs to get his own life.
I often wish you were here :-)

Viki: Thank you! And I love the idea of a me-day. I think I really do need something like that at this point.

Churlita said...

Wow.That is a lot of s*#@ to deal with.

Your Ex seems like he's trying to get your youngest to take sides and pick him. What an immature ass. I don't talk to my ex if I can help it for precisely those reasons. I don't need the grief or the drama, you know?

I hope your actual birthday tomorrow goes swimmingly.

And congrats on being a new grandma.

laura b. said...

Churlita: I am really looking forward to the day when I don't have to talk to my ex anymore. It will be a huge relief.

Thanks very much for the birthday wishes and the new grandma luv :-)