Wednesday, February 27, 2008

For the Ladies. Two Words. Fire Fighters.

This morning I had my annual Read Across America program. We had about 80 people come out for it - parents, grandparents, caregivers, and very excited children, mostly under the age of 5. Was the attraction the very popular with the tiny crowd Ms. Laura? No, of course not. The attraction was that we had invited our local fire fighters to come and read. Yay! Everyone loves fire fighters! In an odd bit of randomness, a retired baseball player, Jay Johnstone, read about the event on Monday, called us, and offered to come by and join in. How could we say no? I think he was probably a nice enough guy and maybe some of you are fans, but he seemed a bit douche-y to me. we have retired baseball player and four fabulous firemen!

Here they are reading and/or waiting to read. Aren't they cute?

As a library, we do tend to tie every event into books and reading. Makes sense, right? And the kids do enjoying having the fire fighters read stories and talk with them. However, they are really all just humoring us and waiting for this.... ...Their big chance to get up close and personal with a real fire truck!

*sigh* Firemen. But yeah, I do work for the city and so do they, so my fantasies are kind of blown when I see them at work functions with their wives or listen to them at workshops trading snarky comments with the police officers. You see my point? There is no room for reality in my fantasy!


AlienCG said...

You women and fire fighters. I could hear the swooning all the way over here. I like fire trucks and I'm 34 years old.

evil-e said...

Gee, I wonder why miss laura b likes fire fighter day?

I remember the name Jay Johnstone, I have some of his baseball cards. I am quite sure he was a Dodger. Nice of him to join in, even if he is douche-y.

NoRegrets said...

Believe me, I used to volunteer at a fire department, and that would make you get over the oooh aaaah pretty quickly.

Churlita said...

I used to be a wildland fire fighter in Ca. Most of the other CDF guys we called California Dumb F*#@s...Which isn't to say that I don't check out the firefighters when I see them. I just don't wait around to listen to them speak.

Tara said...

Reality. Bah humbug. I like to see those firemen. In that first photo, I like the one that's on the far left, in front of the wooden chair. He looks lovely. :)

Thank you, Laura, for show-n-tell! ;)

MrManuel said...

Even tubby firefighters. I know a few of those!

Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

Us women and firefighters.. I think it has somethng to do with them being more undressed than dressed.. But then I love a man in/out of uniform..

Viki said...

Kids are so cute. I wonder how many of them want to be firefighters when they grow up!

laura b. said...

AlienCG: Ah, I might like the fire trucks almost as much as the firemen at this point :-)

Evil-E: I like to embrace the cliche of admiring men in a uniform - haha!
And yeah, nice and douche-y need not be mutually exclusive.

NoRegrets: Oh my goodness, I can imagine. The thrill never seems to last long at close quarters.

Churlita: That's hilarious! I like that idea...don't talk, baby, just stand there and look purdy.

Tara: Isn't he cute? He was so sweet, very young. I had to share the goodness :-)

MrManuel: For sure, I have nothing against the chubby ones at all!

MrsBHW: Those special 'Men of the Firehouse' calenders come to mind, eh? *sigh*

Viki: If yesterday was any indication, every little child would love to be a fire fighter when they grow up.