Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What a Load of Pony*

This is going to be one of my typical downloading my brain posts.  Let's see what's up there.

- It was a good weekend.  Quiet.  I worked on Saturday and it was very reasonable.  DR came over Saturday evening and we went out and ate too much.  After that, I grew sleepy at a normal time...and he stayed up all night reading.  That lead to a long, quiet Sunday, with the household, excepting me, just dreaming the day away.  I did finish three loads of laundry, a couple of ken ken puzzles, and got in a bit of reading of my own.  Then it was dinner, Dexter, and off he goes.  Dexter was AMAZING by the way.  Anyone else watch?  Don't want to be a spoiler if anyone is waiting.  Also don't want to go on about it if no one cares :-)

- Princess Diva is still in the hospital.  The doctors seem to have decided that she is in no danger.  They are going to assume that she has a virus and that it will run its course in due time.  Her immune system is improving, although her fever and back pain remain.  I'm glad there seems to be no cause for alarm, but bothered that we may never find out what this is!  At least the children are doing fine, cared for piecemeal last week between their dad, me, my mom and sister, their other great grandma, and Girlie Girl.  As of last night, Princess Diva's mom was brought back into town.  She lives in Texas, but doesn't work, so seemed in spite of her weirdness to be the most logical person to step in for a bit.  Now Princess Diva can get better, Kick Back Dude can work, and hopefully this will all be resolved soon.

- Otherwise, things are fine on the home front and fine at work.  It is our in-between Storytime sessions time...so that changes the structure of my Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the next few weeks.  Storytimes are one of my favorite parts of this job, but it is is nice to get the breaks we have a couple times a year.  I go back fresh and ready to be fun some more :-)  Oh, and I have officially started my Christmas shopping, finally.  I do tend to wait, but once I get started I can roll with it and expect to be fairly wrapped up after this weekend.  That is reasonable, right?

Ummm...okay.  Guess that was the bulk of what was rolling around up there in my teeny brain.  Thanks as always for your patience.  Feel free to tell me some stuff too!  And you will receive super glittery bonus points if you can tell me what my title means. 


crazy4coens said...

First of all - I have no idea about the pony,,,deep sigh

2nd of all - I totally procrastinate, too, so don't take my word for it, but having it all wrapped up 5 days early sounds right on to me.

3rd of all - Living on hospital time is no fun - hopefully momma will be out soon - - -

4th of all - here's to a peaceful weekend spent with loved ones.......

AlienCG said...

Lazy sleepy weekends are always nice. I use my weekends to get my laundry done, too.

I hope Princess Diva is okay very soon. I also hope you find out what's wrong.

I cannot figure out what the title means. It looks familiar, but I have the slightest idea.

crazy4coens said...

I just google what a load of pony and your post was 2nd in line! I am so impressed!

MrManuel said...

Glad that Princess Diva is doing better.

I have yet to do my Christmas shopping, or, shopping for Jess. We are mostly done with everyone else, but I nee dot go out and shop for her, like now.

Tara said...

When a loved one is in the hospital, don't you wish the hospital was the original source for the magic cure, rather than saying, "Eh, it'll clear itself up". That would drive me nuts, but I hope that things do clear up soon to end all of the stress. *hugs*

I'm not a doctor, of course, but maybe she's suffering from depression or something like that? I've been watching too many commercials. Anyway, whatever the doctors find out, I hope it is quick and easy to treat!

laura b. said...

Crazy4Coens: I am always glad to know other procrastinators! Here is to the little mother getting home and to quiet weekends :-)

haha! It is funny what sort of things will end up making your blog googleable :-D

AlienCG: I try to keep up with laundry daily, but Sunday is a good day for extras...like sheets, towels, and my own stuff.
Thanks for the good wishes for Princess Diva.

I guess I will just have to reveal the meaning to you all :-)

MrManuel: Thanks, Manuel...and yes, get out there and get something amazing for Miss Sassy Pants!

Tara: I really do expect a lot from doctors, based on too much television viewing, I'm sure.
You know, I do believe strongly in a mind/body connection and know that depression can, if not cause illness, make it harder to battle. Given what I've seen though, they certainly aren't exploring that possibility officially. But who knows?

FW said...

Thanks for the download! Good to know you've had a good weekend and are well on the way with your shopping. I got your title without googling it, do I get some glittery points? Your word verification was fuging!

laura b. said...

FW: haha! I knew you'd get it! Yay! :-) Yes, you get many glittery points.
Man, sometimes word verification is so worthwhile...

Churlita said...

I'm glad the mom can help out.

I just finished my shopping over my lunch break. I think this is the earliest I've ever finished it.

laura b. said...

Churlita: I always seem to get right up to the wire, but it gets done. I guess that is good enough:-)

Sebastien said...

viruses are scary. So good to know she is back home and doing better. Amazing how strong, and yet vulnerable our bodies can be.

laura b. said...

Sebastien: I don't think I ever realized quite how mysterious they could be.
What our bodies can fight against is amazing.