Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday 5 - Remorse

Ah, I like Friday 5!   They always make me think and they provide me with some much needed structure for my post.  So here is this week's and it features one of my most popularly felt emotions!  Here you go:

Buyer’s remorse is a well-known condition that strikes us all, but what other kinds of remorse have you experienced?

1. When did you last experience emailer’s remorse? Yesterday.  I don't have to get all merlot-ed up to send a bad email.  I mostly send awful, wish I could take it back, emails when I am feeling particularly down and am pathetically seeking reassurance.  Awful.  Embarrassing.  But it happens.

2. When did you last experience diner’s remorse? Wednesday night when I ate an entire 12" sandwich from Subway.  I tend to find that 6" is not quite enough, so I keep eating...but the whole thing is too much and just makes me feel like it wasn't a good idea.  It was delicious though.  Seafood sensation, Italian herbs and cheese bread, provolone, a little lettuce and onion, salt and pepper.  Yum.  But I can't believe I ate the whoooole thing :-)

3. When did you last experience movie-goer’s remorse? I actually am not sure about that.  I don't get out to the movies as much as I used to....but wait...yeah, it was awhile ago, but I do remember how much I regretted seeing My Sister's Keeper a few months ago.  That was roughly $20 and 90 minutes of my life gone forever. 

4. When did you last experience caring friend’s remorse?  Hm.  Well, maybe a week or so ago?  It was unnecessary , but I know there was remorse involved.  

5a. When did you last experience lover’s remorse?  Honestly, I don't know how to answer this one.  It isn't that it is too personal or anything.  I am just not sure how to take it.  Regret for something I did to or with a lover?  Regret at how I treated a lover or a lover treated me?  A lot of the remorse I have in my life revolves around my marriage and most of that remorse just has to do with how LONG I stayed after I should have thrown in the towel.  But hard to associate that with "lover's" anything.  I guess I can say that aside from all that yuck, there is little about my love life that I have any remorse about.  So, there's that.

An alternative question is provided in case that one was, in fact, too personal...and I will answer this one too!

 5b. When did you last experience function-attender’s remorse?  I guess I had a little of that at the city holiday party.  It had it's moments, but I don't know...when I was there, listening to the looooong speeches, I did sort of wish I wasn't there.

Have a remorseless weekend!


Tara said...

That seafood sub looks amazing. I don't blame you for eating that whole thing! The last bit of remorse I felt about eating was when I had one of those huge Angus burgers at McDonald's with fries and a Coke. I thought someone would come by and slap me in the head, telling me I should've had a V8.

Sebastien said...

I think the last time I had emailer's remorse was when I sent an email to a private escort service requesting freaky sex but I accidentally sent the email to my whole address book. Embarrassing.

laura b. said...

Tara: I love the seafood delicious.
haha! Yes! I felt exactly the same!

Sebastien: Well, these things happen. And I'm pretty sure everyone on your email list has made a similar "mistake" with their freaky sex requests.

Churlita said...

I have the same "lovers" remorse. I used to stay in horrible situations for way too long. Apparently, I have a hard time letting go.

laura b. said...

Churlita: No one gonna call us quitters. Just maybe...unrelentingly hopeful?