Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Am..... Star Bear!

Hear me roar!

Here I am modeling the latest in Sebastien Bear Wear.  I get so excited when I get that envelope at my door!  Thanks so much, Sebastien.  Keep on doing what you do, which is being all artistic and awesome.  And I will keep doing what I do, which is being all admiring and attitudinal.

And now...a Taraday celebration!  Namely, 10 Things I Like About Winter.  Tough, because Winter is not my thang...but let me give it a go.

1.  For me, probably the more clothes on, the better.  So, there is that.

2. I like the way the mountain tops look when they are covered with snow.

3. There is the whole bearish hibernation thing, which I mentioned yesterday...I think.

4. I like turning the heater on in the bathroom and taking a really warm bath or shower.  Very relaxing.  But not in the Summer.

5.  People seem to bake more.  And then they bring baked goods to work for sharing.

6. My birthday falls in the Winter.  Yay!

7. Hard to put a positive spin on shorter days....but how about this?  More time to enjoy the mysteries of the night sky?  That may work.

8.  Hot chocolate with marshmallows is a natural during the cooler weather.

9.  Sometimes it rains through night and you get to wake up to a fresh, sparkly world.

10.  Winter is good for cuddling.  Awesome.  I love that.

Hey, I did it!  Not bad for a non-fan of Winter!  Almost makes me a fan.  Now, come on over and lets snuggle!  ;-p  


Churlita said...

I'm not the biggest Winter fan. I like to go sledding and I like to hibernate and slow down a little, but that's it. You are WAY more positive about it than I am.

AlienCG said...

Star Bear is definitely you. Very nice shirt, thanks for showing it off.

If you lived in my neck of the woods you would appreciate California winters so much more. I couldn't name 10 things I like about Winter.

laura b. said...

Churlita: I way prefer hot weather, so compiling a list took some real effort. If I lived in the snow, I might not have been able to manage.

AlienCG: Isn't Star Bear awesome?

I did have to laugh a little making my list. I know that in a lot of the country what I consider Winter doesn't even come close.

Tara said...

What I like about Winter:

- It's easier to snuggle up underneath the covers when it's cold outside.

- If there's enough snow, we might not be able to go to work

- Sled riding

And that's all I've got. But that's something! :)

Oh and Star Bear is awesome. I love Sebastien's fashions!

laura b. said...

Tara: Those are good ones! If I lived in the snow like you, mine would be a shorter list too :-)

I love my Sebastien fashions. I always get complimented when I wear them.