Monday, December 7, 2009

Super! Thanks for Asking!

Oh, hello there! I didn't see you come in. I was just, uh, working! Yes, that's it! I was working. Because it is Monday and I am at work. What's that you say? You want to know what is going on in my intricate and amazing mind? Shush...we'll just go with that, shall we? Great!

- On Friday, this kid got into a fight in the parking lot and at some point came inside and hid a knife behind some books. It is disconcerting thinking of children running around with, like, big blades in their pockets. Then the security guard was all...Should I turn it in? He could get into big trouble. Uh duh. He's a nice enough man, but yeah, not feeling so terribly safe.

- Good weekend! DR was sick for a few days, but by Saturday he was well enough to come over. Yay! We watched The Jerk of my all time favorite movies. I was so happy to see him, but I had these snippy moments. This is all still new to me and sometimes I just don't think I know how to behave. It is some sort of social retardation, I'm sure. Plus, as you all know, I way, way, way overthink things.

- I just finished two good books in quick succession. One was Generation A by Douglas Coupland. The second was Blood Lite. Now what? What? I need something to read.

- I got Christmas lists for the babies and Daniel texted me one yesterday. I LOVE when people tell me what they want. As I've mentioned, if I am not told...or am told to just do my best...well. Hm. I just don't do well. That hurts us both. So please take pity and let me express my love for you through a gift that I know you want! Are any of you known for your awesome gift-giving abilities? If you are, is there some kind of trick to it? I mean, besides "listening" or "getting to know" someone. Those don't work for me, apparently. Thank you.

- Coming up...I am supposed to go shopping with my mom and sister this Friday. It is traditional that we take at least one day to go all together. I am going to have to dig pretty deep to achieve the right attitude for this. Luckily, I have a couple of days to work myself up for it.

Guess that is all for now.   Oh, and it is raining, which I hate.  I know that a world without rain would be uninhabitable.  I actually get that, people.  But I still hate it.  See how grouchy it has made me?  Grrrr.  :-)

PS- I am lablahblah.  But you can call me laura, or laura b., or l.b. or hey you...whatever.  I am just sort of unifying my internet self with itself.  Or something like that.


MrManuel said...

What was that security guard thinking?!?!

Snippy moments? We all have them, no worries.

An annual shopping day with the family sounds fun!

Ananda girl said...

Psyche up for it and have fun!

Kids with knives... yikes! Who knows, the kid may need some help.
You don't help them by protecting them from consequence.

AlienCG said...

The security guard really needs to do his job. Bust the kid where he stands for carrying a weapon.

I have snippy moments, they're quite normal. They're a fact of life, look it up.

It's great to know what to get people for Christmas.

Tara said...

My sister-in-law asks me what I want for Christmas when I'm not even thinking about what I want. Then when I do know what I want, she doesn't listen. Last Christmas, though, they actually remembered and bought me "Mario Kart". Yay!

Churlita said...

I'm sure DR has his snippy moments too. You're just overly aware of yours, because this is all new to you.

It's been forever for me too. I don't even remember how that whole "having a relationship" thing works anymore,

Sebastien said...

Books and weapons mix well together in fiction. Sadly it is not funny in reality. It is a frightening thought, thinking of young kids having weapons, not knowing any better (or for that matter, getting bullied or taunted and feeling they need to defend themselves and assert their honor).

If you wish to please me, you will get me a #%#@^$%#& baby alligator for XMas. People have questioned the practicality of such a gift. The practicality is that I will be happy and oozing good karma. 'Nuff said. My baby alligator's name will be 'Sven lord of the thunderbolt and champion of the color pink'.

lablahblah said...

MrManuel: I honestly can't imagine what goes through his head most of the time.
I try not to take out my moods on the people I love, but yeah, it happens.
I will try to get in a better frame of mind for the shopping :-)

Ananda: Yes, I am thinking happy shopper thoughts.
And I agree completely that it is much better to teach a lesson early and avoid future problems.

Tara: Aw! I'm glad she listened! Maybe that is my problem too...expecting people to come up with something when I ask. I do try to listen, but given what I know about myself I'd be reluctant to guarantee that it always works.

Churlita: Yes, he does. And I never think much of it. You know how we tend to be much harder on ourselves...or easier...but usually harder.

Sebastien: I do prefer my drama to be on the screen or the page. This sort of thing...yeah, it is both sad and scary.
Okay...I am processing your request for a baby alligator for Christmas. Watch for its arrival. If you do not see it by Christmas, don't blame me. Baby alligators are notorious escape artists.

lablahblah said...

AlienCG: How'd I miss you? You aren't that easy to miss, you know?
Yes, our security guy needs to toughen up a bit. He is soft on all the little miscreants.
I Googled "snippy moments" as you suggested and it looks like you are right. We DO all have them!
As for the gift giving, I NEED to know...I can't guess :-)

Sebastien said...

So long as you are careful with the packaging my baby alligator should arrive, no problemo. You are accountable.