Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Do You Have a Problem With This One If the Results Are the Same?

Hola, good people, and welcome to Choose and Defend Wednesday!   I was so happy to have Choose and Defend Wednesday come around, as I needed the distraction.   Since Monday night, Princess Diva has been in the hospital with a fever of unknown origin.  So far, tests do not come up with any reason for this persistant fever and since broad spectrum antibiotics haven't done anything to help, they are assuming something viral.  Meanwhile, they are just keeping here there until the fever goes away as mysteriously as it least that is how it's looking.  Of course we're all worried and scrambling around to help with the kids so Kick Back Dude can run out to see her and go out on some of his service calls.  His boss is being ridiculously unsympathetic.  That is what happens when jobs get so precious.

I do know that Princess Diva will be okay and we will all get through this.  But if you wanted to send some good thoughts this way, they'd be most welcome.  And, as I said, I am happy to have this fun know how I love my Choose and Defends.  So, hospitals!  No one wants to be there...but what if you were given this choice and you were able to completely suspend reality and enter the land of the television hospital?  Which hospital would you choose?  

Princeton‑Plainsboro Teaching Hospital / House M.D.


Sacred Heart / Scrubs

There are lots of other television hospitals.  TV writers love that setting and those characters.  But these are two of my favorites and even if you didn't watch either of them, you must know something about them...cultural osmosis, if nothing else.  So Choose!  And tell me about it...what decided it for you?  Defend. 

Thanks, as always, for playing along.  And stay healthy!  I insist!


AlienCG said...

I'm going to go with Sacred Heart because I've seen House, MD. My insurance company would drop me like a hot potato after twelve of Dr. House's tests. Of course, I've never seen scrubs, but at least they'll be funnier. SACRED HEART.

Tara said...

First of all, I'm sending a large shipment of get well wishes over to Princess Diva and your family! So scary when family members wind up in the hospital. I hope she gets better very soon and that Kick Back Dude's boss grows a heart.

As for my choice for Choose and Defend - definitely Sacred Heart. They would make me laugh and forget whatever the hell I had that made me wind up in there.

lablahblah said...

AlienCG: haha! They do like their tests there in the land of House. And yes, if you want funny, Sacred Heart is your place :-) One for Sacred Heart.

Tara: Thank you so much for your good wishes. I just want her well and home! You know how that is.
It may be at least partially true that laughter is the best medicine :-) Two for Sacred Heart.

Everyone: Oh, so quiet in the blogosphere! Won't you please participate?

3GirlKnight said...

Sacred Heart...if only for the musical dance numbers.

And because it seems like anyone going to a teaching hospital either has the worst sickness ever or no one knows what it is. I don't want either of those.

lablahblah said...

3GirlKnight: Good to see you...and I SO agree...having a sickness no one can guess is awful. And musical dance numbers rule. Three for Sacred Heart.