Monday, December 21, 2009

The Days Are Short, But the Nights Are Long

First thing I must do in this post is wish the Alien a very Happy Birthday!  Yesterday's musical message was for him, but today is his actual have a great one, Mr. CoffeeGround.

I also wanted to say that yesterday's musical message was my 1,400th post.  Of course a vast majority of these posts are the most fluff headed drivel...but still!  1,400!  Also, I believe that yesterday was Winter Solstice.  Now, the days will slowly begin to lengthen again.  It is magical.  And scientific.  My favorite thing about Winter (or, as we affectionately refer to this season here in Southern California, "Sweater Weather") is how bearlike it makes me feel.  I just want to hole up in my den and hibernate.  Nice. 

My weekend turned out totally different from what I'd vaguely pictured in my head, but was still very good.  DR came over Friday night.  We stayed up until almost morning watching tv on the couch...I assure you, I am super scintillating company after 1 or so, but whatever.  At the crack of dawn Saturday morning Princess Diva and the kids were at the door banging away, wanting in.  Okay, it was almost noon, but still!  haha!  It was fun.   They spent the day with us and so it was this whole louder day than I'd planned, but definitely had it's great moments.  Kids will do that. 

Sunday, DR had to leave earlier in the day than usual to fetch his mom from a little visit she was having with friends of hers.  I decided to finish with my holiday shopping no matter what.   I was going to be finished!   So I entered into the fray and just did it and now it is done.  Humph.  And whew.

Here is the folding bamboo basket that I got as a gift at our library's holiday breakfast and gift swap this morning.    We ate a baked egg dish, fruit salad, little muffins and cinnamon rolls.  We did the present game, where you bring something and you pick something and the next person can steal know that game, right?  Usually, I try to get myself a gift card, but this year I had no desire to do any more shopping so I totally went for this orphan looking box, wrapped simply.  When I opened it, I knew no one would try to take it from me.  And actually, I love it.  I like things made of bamboo, and I like things I can keep other things it is perfect for me!  Thanks to whoever brought this gift :-)

Hope you can all get though these next few days in the proper spirit of the season...or just get through these next few days.  Either way.  I'm trying!  And I think it is working.   Now, I must go read your blogs and see what you all got up to over the weekend.  Naughty or nice?  Hmmmm....


crazy4coens said...

I love your basket! I would totally be happy with that! I got a 4 pack of hot cocoa. I am thinking of re-gifting it.

1,400 posts! Wow! It will be a long time before I have 1,400 posts. Especially with my sporadic attendance.....

Happy Winter Solstice!

Sebastien said...

Cool basket yo.

Hibernation and being like a bear?? You get the Sebastien stamp of approval. But you already had that. Slightly redundant, but you get it again.

Let's see, I pushed an old lady out of the way so I could snatch a gift I wanted to get for myself. I'm not stooping to the same lows I achieved last year, but I'm still stooping. And that's what counts.

Churlita said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. Your DR sure is a night owl. I bet it feels kind of nice every now and again to defy time conventions. I;m not sure if I could stay up until dawn, though. I'm still guided by my weekday schedule.

Ananda girl said...

Wow 1,400 posts! Amazing.

I like that basket too. I'd keep fruit in it. Don't ask why... it looks right for that to me.

I love when there is a lot of noise and happy people... for awhile, then I get frayed at the edges. But I am always happy when they come and happy when they go. ha.

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Yay!

laura b. said...

Crazy4Coens: That is the good thing about gifts...if you can't use them, surely someone else can.

1,400 sounds like a lot, but I have had this blog for a good 4.5 years now. And I love to talk my nonsense.

Thanks! Happy Winter Solstice to you, too!

Sebastien: Yay! I have been officially Sebastien approved. I think that will increase my resale value quite a bit.

Keep on stooping for the dregs, bro. You can reach rock bottom if you keep on living the dream!

Churlita: He is a night owl. I don't know how he does it. I mean, I am there, but after a certain point mostly in the form of a warm body.
Like you, I find it hard to adjust my schedule so dramatically, as I am usually getting up at 5:45 am...not just going to bed.

Ananda: Thanks! And you know, I think that really is meant for fruit...guess I better get some...haha!

I feel just like you about the noise and activity around me. It is fun and I'm happy, then it is over and I am happy too.