Thursday, December 10, 2009

No News is Good News?

Still no word on exactly what is wrong with Princess Diva.  Her immune system is worse today than yesterday.  Tests, tests, tests, but no clear results...except that her immune system is extremely weakened.  She still has a fever and migraines.  We are all just hoping that the doctors can figure this out and send her home.  So again, all good thoughts appreciated.

On a happier note, Girly Girl participted in the 2nd Annual Spelling Bee at her school.  She and her friend claim they mostly do it because they enjoy making the shirts.  She did much better this year though and I know she was proud of herself.  I was too!  I am not a skilled speller, at all.  So I am a great admirer of the spellers in the world.

Also, as long as you are here, please take a look at the latest incarnation of our Library Hamster...

Meet Hamster Potter of "Hamster Potter and the Sorcerer's Wheel".  It is hard to tell, but he is sporting a Gryffindor cape, his signiture glasses, and he holds a tiny wand.  This hamster costume was brought to us by one of our computer techs.  Everyone wants to be in on dressing up the hamster!  

I guess that is all I have.   And lets all hope for good news.  Thanks.


Ananda girl said...

Princess Diva is in my prayers now. I am so sorry to hear this news! Many good thoughts are on their way to her and all of you who worry as well.

Love the library hamster!

AlienCG said...

Good vibes heading your family's way! She is in my thoughts.

Good job to GG on her good spelling. I take pride in my spelling even as an old guy.

Very creative Hamster design this time around. I like the hamster, he's funny.

Churlita said...

I hope Princess Diva is okay. I know just how scary that stuff can be.

lablahblah said...

Ananda: Thank you for your thoughts. I surely do appreciate them.
The library hamster rules! :-)

AlienCG: I bet your big alien brain sends super powerful thoughts :-)
You are not an old guy! AND you are an excellent speller. Did you ever enter a spelling bee?
I love the library hamster. He is fun to look at OTD.

Churlita: Thank you so much. The longer it goes on, the scarier it gets.

Tara said...

I do hope they find a solution to her health problems very soon.

Congrats to Girly Girl! I love the sweatshirts. I also loved spelling when I was in school. It helped that our teacher would reward us with candy if we spelled things right.

I certainly hope he's wearing a Gruffindor cape instead of one from...gulp...Slitherin.

Sebastien said...

Thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers. Health issues are always the scariest.

laura b. said...

Tara: Thanks...I think her virus is just expected to run its course.
I am NOT a good speller, but I wouldn't mind decorating a tshirt...or getting candy!
And don't worry...Hamster Potter is dedicated to the forces of good.

Sebastien: Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. It has been weird and scary.