Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday 5 - May 1

I saw that Tara had done the Friday 5 and it looked like such a fun one that I had to join in. I hope you will feel free to as well, either on your blog or in comments :-)

1. On May First, 1738, King Kamehameha I was born. What are your impressions of Hawaii? I have never been to Hawaii. Many series like to send their characters there on vacation...I often recall the Brady's and their exciting trip. Watch out for that evil Tiki god!

2. On May First, 1873, Dr. David Livingstone died. When did you last presume something erroneous about someone or something? Wow, I wish I could say this didn't happen very often, but it actually happens all the time. It often involves my not yet fully formed self-esteem, wherein I become hurt when no harm was intended.

3. On May First, 1876, Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro debuted. How do you feel about Disney’s animated classic Pinocchio? Figaro...the cat, right? Cute. I love Disney's version of Pinocchio. Recently I spent a car ride teaching my granddaughter the little song - I've got no strings to hold me down, to make me fret or make me frown. I had strings, but now I'm free. There are no strings on me! Yeah, it is our personal anthem :-)

4. May First is Walpurgis Night in Sweden and other parts of northern Europe. When did you last sing in front of an audience? Wednesday morning, twice, for my Toddler Times. They are a very kind audience because my singing voice, I assure you, is hideous.

5. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes are a punk rock cover band. What song’s cover version do you like better than its original version? Oooh, tough one. My first thought was Nirvana's version of Man Who Ruled the World, because it is my favorite Nirvana song. But then I listened to Bowie's version since I hadn't heard it in so long...and damn. It was hot. So...I guess I will go with Cake's version of I Will Survive trumping the Donna Summers' version. No disrespect to Ms. Summers, but the Cake version is awesome.

And there you have it. Me talking about stuff vaguely related to the fact that today is the 1st! I enjoyed it.


Sebastien said...

Oh, Man Who Ruled the World, grrrreat song. I'm gonna go to youtube, I want to listen to the Bowie version and then compare it to Cobain's awesome rendition.

And the news you gave about Kim on my blog, well, frankly, I am aghast and deeply depressed. Thanks a lot for crushing my dreams, illusions, happiness, and ruining my life!!!

shopannies said...

have to love the bradys LOL

laura b. said...

Sebastien: I love that song and honestly couldn't pick which version I loved most.
And I'm sorry I had to be the one to break that to you. You'll thank me one day, more sincerely than that!

Shopannies: Thanks for visiting my blog. I like to think of myself as the 7th, less adorable, Brady child :-)

dmarks said...

"4. May First is Walpurgis Night in Sweden and other parts of northern Europe."

I just recently viewed the 1931 "Dracula" movie, and they made a big deal about traveling in Transylvania during Walpurgis Night.

laura b. said...

Dmarks: When I read this meme, I had to look it up. I was totally unfamiliar, but now I'm pretty interested in celebrating. I like the more pagan holidays :-)

Tara said...

Your answer to #2 hits home - never even thought of that angle to answer the question, but yes that has happened to me too. I take things way too personally when most of the time I'm sure they're innocent little misunderstandings.

laura b. said...

Tara: It is an unfortunate trait, but I tell myself at least I'm aware of it. I try to catch myself doing it and stop.

Churlita said...

I thought "I Will Survive" was originally done by Gloria Gaynor. I could be wrong too.

I'm definitely with you on #2...Especially when I'm PMS'ing. Yup,