Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What Kind of Fast Food Are You?

You Are a Burrito

You're not a picky person. You're able to go with the flow and really enjoy life.

You have a taste for the exotic, and you're quite adventurous. You're willing to try almost anything.

You're very low maintenance. You don't mind getting a bit messy if it means having fun.

You aren't superficial or easily impressed. Someone has to be the real deal if they're going to impress you.

Thrillingly appropriate for Cinco de Mayo! ¡OlĂ©!


Anonymous said...

You Are a Sub

You are casual but a bit picky. You know what you like, and you know what you hate.
If you're able to do things your way, then you can relax. You like to have a say.

You love variety and adventure. You get bored easily if nothing changes.
You're always looking for the next new thing. You tend to get creative and thin outside the box.

Tara said...

You Are a DonutYou are whimsical, creative, and expressive. You love anything cute and colorful.
You believe in living for today. You enjoy yourself and don't hold back.

You are driven by your inspiration. You never know where each day will lead you.
You are a unique, offbeat character. People find your unpredictable ways charming.

Churlita said...

One day I'll have the time to do these quizzes. Until then, I'll enjoy your answers. IS this the first time you and Tara didn't have the same answer?

laura b. said...

AlienCG: See? BlogThings knows the real you.

Tara: How cute! That seems perfect somehow. I guess I am not sweet enough to be a donut.

Churlita: Between Blogthings and FaceBook living social quizzes, my life is very full.
haha! It has happened before, but not too often!