Monday, May 25, 2009

The Whiner Edition (You've Been Warned)

It's Memorial Day...Never Forget, Ever Honor...and all that.

Hope you are all having a nice long weekend...or that you had a nice regular length weekend. I need a moment to complain a bit and decided to indulge myself here. I mean, if not here, where? Okay, so I did get my computer, which had been ill, back in a pretty timely fashion and it seems to be doing what it should and not doing what it shouldn't. So that is a good thing. Otherwise, my weekend so far has kind of sucked. I've got a nasty cold or something, which I am totally blaming on breathing in stale, gross, uncirculated air in the library for the past week...and that little project isn't nearly over. Oh, no, I will go on wallowing in this air for at least another two or three weeks. This couldn't be good for anyone. I slept all day Saturday, a good portion of Sunday, and only this morning am I feeling more myself...although a stuffy version of myself.
No, I'm not quite finished, sorry. I have a bit of a WTG complaint, which you haven't had the opportunity to enjoy in a while. For some reason, a couple of weeks ago he decided to get Girlie Girl's car painted. Sounds nice, but you must didn't really need to be painted, he complained about what he was spending on it the whole time it was going on, and left him feeling like he had fully attended to her car for the next little while. Great, except that when she broke down last night, he decided he'd had enough of dealing with her car and blamed it on her...Why do you drive your car so much? Throws up his hands and says he can't deal with it. Ass. Since it was left up to us, we decided to wait and handle it in the light of My big plan is to have that sucker towed to his house and let him call his little mechanic friend. I'm pretty sure his managerial tendencies will kick in when he actually sees the car in front of his house. I consider it his responsibility, as he never talked to me before getting her a 14 year old BMW...I assure you, that would not have been my choice.
Um, okay. I guess I'm through and I do apologize. But also, I feel a little better just getting it out of my head. Here's hoping that today is a better day. Please.


Ananda girl said...

I am missing pieces of this puzzle! What is WTG? Is this an ex?

Whatever, it sounds very frustrating. Sounds like me and my soon to be ex. You have my total sympathy. Even if it's not an ex. Geez... people sometimes. (Trying not to sound sexist.)

Churlita said...

WTG is a controlling jerk. he wants to be the good guy but his priorities are so screwed. I think your idea of towing the car to his house is perfect.

Anonymous said...

WTG needs to be slapped around with a 2x4 (or a 4x4 fence post). Have it towed into the front lawn, maybe he'll get it fixed quickly.

Ananda girl said...

Thanks for the definition Churlita.
I must agree with you two. He is a jerk and it is a fantastic idea to tow the car to his place.

Hope it worked out, laura b.

Tara said...

That's an excellent idea having the car get towed over to his place. He can deal with it.

I'm so sorry you were sick most of the weekend! :( Next one will be much better.

laura b. said...

Ananda: Yeah, as you can see WTG (Wind Tunnel Guy) is my ex-husband and such a joy. haha!

Churlita: He has this image of himself, but it is so unrelated to the real world. I did drop it in his driveway after all :-)

AlienCG: The car, sitting there, snapped him right into action, thank goodness. He's dealing with it as he should. Whew.

Tara: I have to say thatI am pleased with myself for just getting it there and leaving the rest up to him.
And I am feeling much better hopefully yes, next weekend will be much better too :-)

MrManuel said...


I mean really, I think that about sums it up, doesn't it?

laura b. said...

MrManuel: Yeah, it kind of does :-)

Pamela said...

Great that you got it over his house. Great idea!

movin down the road said...

a BMW of any kind, should be talked about! (and who repaints cars nowadays? Give me a spray can, I'll do it for you....) just kidding.

laura b. said...

Pamela: I have known him a long time and at least can guess what might work. It is my only advantage.

Movin': Yes, he doesn't talk about is sort of his credo or something. And you may be kidding, but seriously! haha!