Saturday, March 28, 2009

Your Sins Are Outdone

Let me begin by pronouncing this week's word: SCIOLISM. It comes to us from the labyrinth-y mind of K_Sra who wants us to Learn Something New (almost) Everyday. I'm not gonna front. I had to look up SCIOLISM in order to participate this week. I think if I acted as though I were intimately familiar with the term when I am not that would be an example of SCIOLISM, sort of...right? Like a superficial show of knowledge...right? Hey, I am all about that! I sit at a Reference desk acting like I KNOW STUFF! I get up in front of groups of people and act like I should be there. SCIOLISM is my job!

I wasn't sure what photos would truly represent SCIOLISM. Please. Admit it was hard for you too. Or if it wasn't maybe pretend so I won't feel the burning shame of failure. Oh man. Okay, take a look:

Here are a couple fellows who have a genuine skill set and are experts in a specific field. If something needs to be maintained, they are there! And when you ask them a question about sticky locks or flickering lights, they can give you a complete and competent answer. No SCIOLISM here. They're the real deal, as I see it

Here we have, well, me. Working my magic. Totally talking out mah butt for a few laughs or smiles...or no angry cries. Like I said, a superficial show of knowledge, SCIOLISM, is what I get paid for. Does that not totally kick ass?

And yes, I agree, there is way too much butt and ass in this post. So sue me. But before you do, check out everyone's SCIOLISM post...did I reach the most, honestly? Nevermind. Just go find out from K_Sra who is up next and have SCIOL-tastic day!


Anonymous said...

Sciolism is your life, but then again, I have a feeling you do know a lot for real. My job was also a practice in Sciolism. Good pictures, and you're right, quite a bit of butt and ass. Luckily there are no plumbers in the crowd.

Tara said...

That photo of you working your magic is awesome! Is that your reading group?

You're not alone, I had a hard time thinking up a photo for this word. But finally thought up somethin'.

NoRegrets said...

This was such a hard word... You did great.

Churlita said...

I love your photos. I couldn't think of any to use, so I opted out. Thanks for succeeding where I failed.

laura b. said...

AlienCG: Sciolism is kind of fun :-) Sorry again about all the bums...but yeah you give credit where credit is due. haha!

Tara: Thanks, that was one of my programs from last summer I think. If I recall correctly we were singing a song.
I liked your take on the word!

NoRegrets: Thank you very much. I liked yours too!

Churlita: I think you were too busy having a kickass weekend to ponder sciolism. You did manage to post some pretty awesome photos anyway :-)

k_sra said...

You did good. I realized only after picking it how hard it would actually be. :P But are you all coming to expect anything less from a woman who's blog is named "learn someting new?" I mean, seriously! :)

I think Alien is probably right. It's hard to admit the fount of wisdom you slowly become after a long time in some field. I still have a hard time confessing myself knowledgeable, because there is so much more I could learn, and don't!

laura b. said...

K_Sra: I totally enjoyed working it out :-) And I found it rather pleasurable to think of myself as a professional sciolist! Thanks for the fun.