Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Feeling Green

Dexy's Midnight Runners. Kiss them, they're Irish!

A Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you. I am wearing green, because I work around children and have no wish to be pinched. Well, that isn't quite true in the strictest sense. Pinching is fine...under the right circumstances...but not at work, okay?

Anyway, I decided to take today to celebrate everything I know about Ireland and/or being Irish. I warn you, my knowlege is scarce. Here is my list:

* Faith and Begorrah
* Erin go Braugh
* Celticism
* Claddagh rings/tattoos
* Shillelaghs
* The Troubles
* Potato Famine
* U2
* Sinead O'Connor
* James Joyce
* W.B. Yeats
* Riverdance
* Lephrechauns
* Pots of gold
* Rainbows
* Shamrocks/Four leaf clovers
* Irish harps
* Corned beef and cabbage
* Warm beer
* You get kissed a lot, at least once a year

Um, that's all I can think of in my assigned time :-) And yes, I realize some of them are quite the stretch...or are maybe, I don't know, racist or something. But I have some Irish in me, so that's okay then, right? Ah well...Happy St. Patrick's Day all y'all.


Tara said...

That's more than I know about Ireland! Had to have corned beef today, though, and it was tasty.

You're the second person who has referred to the thing about being pinched if you aren't wearing green. Never heard that one before. But yeah, I'm not up for pinching at work.

laura b. said...

Tara: haha! Consider me your Irish expert!
I can't believe you've never heard of the pinching thing. We were a bit obsessed with this issue as kids. Oh dear lawd, don't forget to wear green on St. Patrick's Day! The humilation of the pinch for forgetting!

Churlita said...

I took a whole class on Irish literature and culture. It's pretty interesting, if not very, very sad history.

laura b. said...

Churlita: It is very complicated, isn't it. That is why my brain only wraps around stereotypical things :-)