Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You Deserve Something Sweet

I decided to go all in on AlienCG's idea to celebrate this as "Act Like a Kid" Week. So on this Choose and Defend Wednesday, I am giving you a couple of sweet choices. Kids love 'em and you can too. When it is time for your afterschool snack, what are you going to Choose?



Choose and Defend, you little scamps! Oh, and if you want cake too, look down at the next post :-)


Anonymous said...

I can't pass up chocolate pudding. I love the creamy, chocolaty flavor.

Don't get me wrong, I like applesauce, but I would prefer pudding. Thanks for participating in my made up week.

Tara said...

"Pork chops and appleshawsh"..hehe..that got me giggling.

But that is not my choice. I like chocolate puddin'. My mom showed me how to add a drop of peppermint extract into the pudding and that tastes awesome. So does a dollop of Cool Whip mixed in.

Tara said...

PS: Sebastien from "Chronically Sick" posted something! I was so surprised and happy to see a new post from him!

Churlita said...

That is tough. I think I'll choose chocolate pudding, because it's chocolate, of course.

MrManuel said... sauce, but only cold. I think warm apple sauce is gross.

Sebastien said...

Hi Laura! Thanks for the comment. Do you really think the duckbill platypuses have my back? For some reason I think this sort of thinking is a little too optimistic.

Can I choose ice cream sandwiches? Those things are pretty great!

Sebastien said...

Seriously though, thanks so much for the kind comment!!! will try and be around a bit more :)

Pamela said...

Since I am so DONE with jello pudding, I'd go for applesauce...

laura b. said...

AlienCG: Thanks for the inspiration! And I have you down for some creamy chocolate pudding.

Tara: hee hee! I almost always think of that when I think of applesauce :-) Your ways of doctoring up pudding sound delicious!
And thanks for letting me know about Sebastien. I'm so glad to see him.

Churlita: I think choosing something just because it is chocolate is one of the best reasons to choose anything ever!

MrManuel: Have you ever had fresh cooked real applesauce? That reminds me more of apple pie. You can have yours nice and cold though.

Sebastien: See there? I am glad to see you :-) Because you were missed, you may have an ice cream sandwich.
And I am a wacky optimist like that...I believe in the platypuses! I do hope you are around more. Always enjoy your blog and your drawings.

Pamela: I want to know the secret to being over pudding :-) Applesauce for you!

Everyone: So far, three puddin' heads, two applesaucers, and Sebastien eating an ice cream sandwich. Anyone else have an opinion? Step right up!

Bobby said...

Apple sauce! With a little bit of cinnamon sprinkled in it. Yum!

laura b. said...

Bobby: Yum, you got it! And we have a tie. So, I will break the tie by choosing my first love...chocolate. Chocolate pudding, my darling.