Monday, March 9, 2009

Please Don't Let Me Start Coughing Like Walter White

I wish I had something exciting to share with you. But let's face it, how often does that happen? Approximately never. However, you are fairly warned by the blog title, correct? So...

Friday was a day off for me. I caught up on my laundry. I went grocery shopping. Fresh & Easy grocers are springing up everywhere like mushrooms. I like them pretty well. Their selection is somewhat limited, but what they do have is quite nice. I was so grumpy that day and I couldn't figure out why. I mean, I was near tears when Girlie Girl called to tell me she'd locked her keys in her car. Not exactly a huge disaster, but I felt nearly unable to cope. By that evening though, I realized I was simply run down and had a cold coming on gangbusters. So...I went to bed pretty early in an attempt to scare it off. Because....

Saturday was a work day. And it is always super busy...and there is usually only one other person scheduled in the department. So, of course you can call in if you are sick, but it is going to be a real, real long day for the person there alone. So, I wanted to be fit enough to work and I was. It was, as advertised, a very busy day and it flew by in a daze of public service. How uplifting. Um, yeah.

Sunday was mostly a quiet day. I watched The Royal Tenebaums (again). I finished a book I was reading called The Glass Castle, a biography by Jeannette Walls. I can recommend both of these pleasures to others. In the evening, Girlie Girl and I had dinner with the Kick Back Dude Family and they came over to watch the season premiere of Breaking Bad and boy, oh, boy...I definitely recommend this show! Does anyone else watch it? If you don't, you should. I'm just saying.Don't mess with the man who has nothing to lose. Mm-hm.

So, that was my weekend. I made it through the time change without much weirdness. I always adjust all of my clocks whenever I go to bed Saturday night or Sunday morning, so that I wake to the correct time. Then I try really hard not to add or subtract that hour all day long...and before I know it I am in the new time groove. And I do love Daylight Savings Time.

I hope you all had a good weekend and in the spirit of optimism, let us look forward to a wonderful week ahead! Rah!


Tara said...

I've seen the commercials for "Breaking Bad", but haven't checked it out yet. I like that guy, though, I remember him as the dentist Tim Whatley on "Seinfeld".

I'm glad you were able to unwind a bit and hopefully the annoying cough goes away.

Churlita said...

I've never heard of that show. What network is it on?

I'm sorry you got sick too. Mine took lots of sleep and a hot bath, but wasn't as bad as last time.

laura b. said...

Tara: Oh, it is so good and Bryan Cranston is becoming a favorite actor of mine.
Thanks, I am feeling much better.

Churlita: I really think you'd like it. It is on AMC.
I do feel a lot better already with just some extra rest. Thanks.