Thursday, March 19, 2009

In the Spirit of Optimism

I wasn't sure what to post today, so I took a look at the always fun, useful Eclectic Spaghetti Calendar and found that today is the day to list things you like about your job! That seems a natural for me, because I really do like lots of things about my job. I'm a lucky girl.

1. I have the best access to new books as they come out and to classics that I need to read to feel complete :-)

2. Working with the public allows me to meet kind and interesting people everyday.

3. I get to use creativity in making the calendars and event flyers for my department.

4. I get to steer kids towards books that they might enjoy. I get to help them find that perfect book for a report that they've been stressing over.

5. I get to do three storytimes per week for children ages 19 months through 3 years. No lie, kids this age are the most wonderful audience in the world. And their parents are so happy to have their children entertained. It is a very feel-good part of the job.

6. No micro managing. I have my desk schedule and other tasks, but it is my job to use my time off the desk as I see fit.

7. I work in a community that, for the most part, values the library.

8. My superiors and coworkers are all pretty great people. Easy to get along with, plus very empathetic when there are family issues, or any other issues for that matter.

9. I am encouraged to try new things and to provide imput on purchases and other departmental decisions.

10. Sometimes, the fire fighters come to visit us, even when we're not on fire :-) Do you love your job too? Hate it? Tell me about it!


Tara said...

You had me at "no micro-managing"...and of course you had me at cute firemen too. I love it when the powers-that-be do not hover over our shoulders constantly. We can work more effectively.

aliencg said...

I love my job...oh, yeah, that's right, I don't have a job. I'll get back to you on that one.

laura b. said...

Tara: I once had a coworker who briefly thought it was somehow her job to monitor me and my time. I was lucky to be able to clear that up quickly, because I agree...I work more effectively un-hovered.

AlienCG: You are a music cataloger/gaming expert/chef/gardener/political analyst...and probably a few other things as well. Tell me you don't like some things about all that!

Churlita said...

It sounds like a wonderful job on many fronts...You know how I feel about firefighters.

laura b. said...

Churlita: I really do.
Fire fighters, the ultimate perk :-)