Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh, Noble Professions!

I come to you this Wednesday with an extremely random Choose and Defend. It is just because I have a one track mind, so don't let it concern you. It will jump the track soon, I feel certain.

So, on this fine Choose and Defend Wednesday, please tell us which is the profession you....let's see....admire...most! Yes, your choices are limited and arbitrary. Still, I feel confident you can Choose and Defend here. So, who gets your medal of commendation?

The Fire Fighters

The Doctors

Look here...I will even put up some pretty pictures for the straight men and/or the lesbians out there...

The Fire Fighers

The Doctors

No excuses, now...Choose and Defend! Gracias.


Anonymous said...

I have to give it to the fire fighters. It takes a certain kind of person to be willing to risk life and limb everyday for the sake of others.

MrManuel said...


I would go with doctor. It is safer.

Pamela said...

Firefighters. Because they're HOT. Though not as smart.. oh well.

Tara said...

Well our family has had to depend on both fire fighters and doctors, and both professions are important.

My first instinct is to choose fire fighters, so there ya go. Gotta love their knack for coming to the rescue all hot, sooty and sweaty...I'm sorry, what was the question? ;)

Churlita said...

I'm going to say firefighter, because I used to be a firefighter and a lot of the guys I worked with were hot, hot, hot.

I also used to work in a clinic and a lot of the DR's I worked with had HUGE egos. Blech!

laura b. said...

AlienCG: You make a good point. Sexy lady fire fighters for you!

MrManuel: Yes! 13! Glad to know a fellow House fan :-)
And also, a doctor fan.

NoRegrets: No shame in chosing heat over brains. Fire fighters for you.

Tara: Yeah, I tried to choose a profession that would be somewhat similarly admirable to fire fighters...but then like you we all get distracted by the sweaty sooty....and fire fighters it is!

Churlita: You have a definite advantage having worked with both professions. The ego thing was why I decided against police officers as the second profession :-) But yeah, doctors too. So another vote for fire fighters!

Everyone: Well fire fighters have taken a decisive lead over doctors at 4 to 1. Any others want to chime in? Please feel free :-)