Monday, July 23, 2007

Vote For Eclectic Spaghetti!

I took this excerpt from the comments section of Eclectic Spaghetti. Since Tara may not be checking her blog regularly I thought if I posted the link to vote for her blog here it might help:

Bobby Griffin said...
Hey there Tara,

I'd like to take this time and congratulation you on your awesome blog and inform you that you are in the running for Bestest Blog of the Year. You are up against 104 other excellent blogs that have all qualified by being "Bestest Blog of the Day" in the past 12 months. Voting starts TODAY (July 23rd) and will end in 2 weeks (August 6th). Winners will be announced on August 7th!

Encourage others to vote for you. Here is the URL:

Here is the link back to the original post where the comment about voting is. I checked the link and as it turns out the voting part is sort of a pain in the arse. You have to view each of the contending blogs and rate them 1(worst) through 5(best) and you can't skip voting to go on to the next it could be quite time consuming depending on when Eclectic Spaghetti actually pops up. I guess I'd say if you have a bit of time and want to view many interesting blogs then head on over and give Tara her props.


evil-e said...

I am always leery of these things....I would have to go check out the credibility of this first. When you leave links you leave the possibility for spam or worse.

If it is legit, I will vote for her no problem.

l.b. said...

Evil-E: Your concern is appropriate. I know that Tara links to the "best blogs" site from her own blog and said she had a slight uptick in traffic when she did. Also, you don't have to register any information when going to the site to vote if you don't wish to.

Tara said...

Aww, thank you! You're right, getting to that voting part is a pain. I was confused, even after he posted that comment. But thank you so much for the support!