Monday, October 2, 2006

What I See When I Sit at My Desk

Besides my big, fat computer screen I have lots to look at. I am one of those people who clutters up their space a bit with personal mementos and I have a good sized, L-shaped desk, overhead cabinets and material covered walls perfect for push pining things ups. I have pictures from magazines, copies of illustrations from children's books, photos of my family and friends, three little stuffed animals, many papers of all shapes, sizes, colors, books, my phone, other office supplies, art projects, sometimes food or a beverage, a clock... I'm pushing it. I think I have to clean up a little, but it makes me feel comforted to have stuff around me that is mine. And I never have problems putting my hands on what I need. I know some offices have a strong "no clutter" policy. In theory it is sort of like that here, but I maintain this image as "creative" and it seems that explains all the stuff! My home is much less cluttery. Maybe I don't need it there, because it is home. What do you guys think? Do you guys like a tidy desk/office? Or do you wallow in your things?


Rachel said...

I have some photos in frames of my son, a beanie baby dog and goose that I got from work for different work themes, a radio (that I am not allowed to listen to anymore), a candy dish, an oust fan (had a smelly co-worker that is no longer here :) ) and a couple of figurines that were given to me as gifts. other than that it is all work stuff.
I do have a great view of the parking lot and the trees beyond that.

Tara said...

I have a bulletin board with lots of cat photos on it, plus a few pictures of my nephes, and there is artwork that my coworker's little daughter drew for me. Oh and another coworker's granddaughter drew me an award for "most creative" and she wrote that my plaque will arrive soon.

Anyway, aside from that, I have a stuffed beanie baby shark on my computer, some scented candles, my CD player, and a foam-textured clock.

Ideally, I would like it if my desk was clear, but usually I wallow in papers.

Tara said...

I typed "nephes" but I meant nephews. Lol. That's what I get for typing too fast.

esb138 said...

I have several Simpsons character figures on my monitor lift. A picture of the Burger King crossed out. A picture of me and some friends with Santa from about 5 years ago. (we were, including Santa, flipping off and devil horning in the photo)A picture of wrestler, Ric Flair's mug shot. My certification, framed and hung. But, among this, it has been said I am the neatest and most organized person in the department. Chaos and calm.wvmen

l.b. said...

Rachel: Kudos on losing the stinky coworker, but too bad about not being able to play your tunes.

Tara: haha! If that plaque ever arrives be sure it is prominently displayed :-) That is so cute!

misfit: I am all for crossing out that scary Burger King!

Since you all sound neater than me, my desk might horrify you. Perhaps a picture is in order.