Thursday, October 19, 2006

Eat Candy. Be Happy.

I am one of those paycheck to paycheck sorts. Not able to do much in the way of savings, what with my lavish lifestyle and all. So, generally, at my house we have rich week and poor week. It is actually quite festive! Well, rich week is at least. Anyway, this is poor week and apparently it is coinciding with rushed week or maybe just stupid week. My cupboards have become quite bare here at work. I try to keep a supply of lunches on hand...mostly things like Soup at Hand and Budget Gourmet frozen mac n'cheese. Somehow I let my supply dwindle down to nothing besides those little packages of oatmeal. Now, here's where the rushed or stupid comes in. I could just bring a sandwich or something from home. Of course I could! I just keep...not. Somehow. So I ate oatmeal for a couple of days, then got sick of it. Today I ate a pack of Cheezits left over from storytime and called it lunch. Luckily, Babymama was showing a movie for the teens today and had made popcorn. She also provided some little tiny chocolate bars and soda. I stopped in, you know, just to see how things were going and was able to score popcorn, a couple little candy bars and a little cup o Coke. The candy was especially pleasing to me...dark chocolate! Yes! And that, my friends, is all it takes to make me happy.


esb138 said...

Wow, you get to have rich week--I have poor week, poorer week, and SOL week.

Doesn't free candy always taste better?

Rachel said...

I have rich 4 days and then poor 11 days.
I did get some groceries this week so I am doing fine in the food department. I always have a stash at work. I bring in a jar of peanut butter and usually have either bread or crackers on hand.

D has a birthday party to go to for his "girlfriend". She is an older woman. She is turning 9 on Saturday and he won't be 9 until November.

Anywho.... We have to go tonight and get her a birthday gift (I am thinking a cute charm bracelet) and I will have to put it in Visa since I only have about $20 to last until the 31st.

At least I have a full tank of gas.

l.b. said...

misfit: Free candy is da bomb!
Rachel: I am going to be more careful about keeping myself stocked up here. Did you find a cute gift? Don't you hate buying gas? I feel like it is money just...gone!
You both make me feel better, like I'm not the only one freaking out for at least half of any given month.

Tara said...

You can say you stopped in during story time for the kids. It's all for the kids, and munching on snacks shows them that it's okay for them to have a snack time. You were inspiring them. ;)

My cupboards are bare too, but I will manage for a little while longer before I hit the grocery store. Not sure if that's frugile or cheap or both. Lol.

I still have some popcorn, though, and some fruit snacks.