Thursday, October 26, 2006

I Made It! Finally!

Dang! Blogger was sure acting the fool today. For awhile, I couldn't get to blogger at all. I kept getting this Google error message. I might even have felt a little panicky...not able to read my blogs?!?!?! Then, after a while, I could read the blogs, but the comment function wasn't, uh, functioning. Almost as bad...I like talking back. I was unable to post to my own blog as well. Blogger was just messing with my head, man! But here I am finally, able to read and post and feel fulfilled as a human being. *whew*
I had a really busy day yesterday. It was my big Halloween program day. I had events at 4:00 and 6:30. There were 75 people at the early show and 135 later on. Everyone had a really good time and I love doing programs, but also find them quite tiring. In the library, among the under 10 set lets say, I am like this sort of character. And when I am doing a program or even just on the desk, they seem to need me to be, like, in character. It lends an element of glamour to the job, of course (ha!) but it can be hard to be "on" all the time. I totally get how Britney feels.
Today has been much more sane. It is often a bit quieter on Thursdays and Fridays. Tomorrow should be really nice here. What else...Oh! Going to Social Animal's football game tonight. He's Varsity. Yeah, thats right. My son is so cool. He wouldn't have two words to say to me if we were contemporaries. However, since I am his mother, he is more or less forced to talk to me. I like to take Handsome Lad with me to the games. He hangs around Social Animal's non-football playing friends and harrasses them while I watch the game in peace. Sweet deal.


Tara said...

Yup, Blogger was under some maintenance the other day. I don't panic anymore, I just grumble, because I had to work late last night and was totally bored. I had to check out my favorite blogs, but I couldn't. I had to resort to....working. Talk about a Halloween scare. Hehe.

Anyway I'm so happy that you get to enjoy putting on those shows! Your energy is very inspiring.

l.b. said...

Thanks Tara. The kids are so cute and their parents tend to be quite appreciative if you entertain them for a bit. It's a win-win situation :-)