Friday, October 20, 2006

The List

I was talking to one of my (few - ha!) happily married girlfriends and we were talking about The List. You know, the one that couples have, where if you had a chance to sleep with certain celebrities you could do harm, no foul.
I don't exactly need The List nowadays since I'm not couple-y, but I decided to let myself have one anyway. This is who I put on it:

Ben Stiller
Patrick Dempsey
Peter Krauss
Steve Martin
LL Cool J
Hugh Laurie
Jack Black
Zach Braff
Clive Owen
Colin Meloy

Do you have a list?


esb138 said...

I have a very short list: I usually do not do the celebrity thing, but....

Christina Ricci
Uma Thurman

my list

Tara said...

Oh yeah, I have a list.

Dougray Scott
Hugh Jackman
Johnny Depp
Colin Firth
Hugh Grant
Kyle Maclacklen (or however you spell that)
John Mayer
Scott Speedman
Kevin Bacon

l.b. said...

misfit: Even just your two are interesting, because those women are pretty much exact opposites appearance-wise. They both, however, seem to be free thinkers.

Tara: Good list!!! I should have put Johnny Depp on mine. Maybe Colin Firth and John Mayer too...My list could potentially be quite long :-)

Rachel said...

I don't have a complete list, but my MILF (Man I'd Like to F***) #1 is Will Smith.

minijonb said...

hey! why am i not on your list!!! i'm hurt, really hurt =;-)

l.b. said...

Rachel: Will Smith is very good looking. I think he's going to be one of those guys who gets even better with age.

Mini Jon B: You are on everyone's list because Rachel so pimped you on her blog as her Hump Day Hottie.