Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What I Need

I need a few things. However, right now I am specifically thinking of a new cd player for my car. I have my XM going on and I love it. Unfortunately, I think my cd player has just about had it. I put in Beck's Odelay, like, a month ago. It got stuck in there and finally today I was motivated enough to get it out. I haven't had a chance yet to see if Beck is okay. And I want to play the new Decemberists, but I don't want to lose it forever. Sadly, I mostly get the chance to listen to music in my car and I enjoy it so. I guess that will be number one on my X-Mas list. It is time to start making those, isn't it? I also plan to make a couple of the best mix lists I can think of and offer them up to anyone who wants to burn them for me as a holiday gift :-)
Anyway, it is way too early to be thinking of what I need...but damn, Gina! I need my cd player!

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esb138 said...

Busted CD player--bad things man....I think I would go out of my mind (short short trip) without one of those--Cleveland radio blows. I have been reduced to AM talk because our music stations aparently cannot grasp the concept of mixing up the playlists.