Saturday, October 7, 2006

Happy Birthday (almost) To Son #2

Tomorrow is my second son's birthday. I have always awkwardly avoided using my kids names here. But I hate using Son #1, #2, etc. Let me give them aliases. I thought maybe I could just use their main personality traits
Son #1 - Kick Back Dude
Son #2 - Secret Agent Man
Son #3 - Social Animal
Daughter - Girlie Girl
Son #4 - Handsome Lad
Okay, that's settled. So, tomorrow Secret Agent Man turns 20. I'm sure he has his own plans for the evening, but we are having a family lunch in the afternoon. He requested spaghetti like a good boy. (It is far and away one of the easiest dishes to make ahead of time and in bulk so the cook can enjoy the party too.) I am just giving him $$$, because I think he'd prefer that to just about anything I could possibly pick out. I am not known for my great gift picking abilities anyway.
I was sort of relieved when my dad and stepmom said they couldn't make it. Not that I don't love them, but it is always somehow a slightly different occasion when they are around. I guess because we don't see them so much and also because my mom and sister still seem to have many hard feelings about my dad left over from, like 25 years ago. Damn, let it go people! Anyway, they will come later in the month and take us out to brunch or something.
Today I am at work, tomorrow family party, and this weekend is shot. And in the weird synchronization that is at work in my personal life Swordsman called me on Thursday to ask me to not throw in the towel with him yet. We talked awhile and as always he made me want to continue to play his little games. Then, I came in this morning to find that Team C called yesterday and left a message for me. The thing with him is that I can always truly look forward to seeing him with no weird mixed feelings. He's just a pure pleasure to know. So, I guess I'll just sit back and see what happens next.


esb138 said...

Well a happy birthday to Secret Agent Man. I somewhat remember 20....maybe. Needless to say, many happies and healthies to come.

Tara said...

I hope Secret Agent Man enjoys his birthday! I love spaghetti, and actually enjoy making it.

Rachel said...

Love the names that you chose for your kids.. I like even better that you can shorten Secret Agent Man to S.A.M.
Hope you all have a wonderful birthday celebration.

l.b. said...

Thanks for the nice wishes, misfit, Tara, and Rachel. It was a nice day. SAM got what he wanted, cash and plenty of it :-)