Monday, October 9, 2006

Family Parties for Young Adults

Ooooh, family parties for young adults, huh.
Good gawd y'all...
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing!
Say it again!

Singing it like Edwin Starr, y'all. Anyway, it was a fine little family gathering, but honestly Secret Agent Man wasn't all that into it. I don't blame him. His friends are his everything right now. I really felt like the effort of making a party was more for the grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles. S.A.M. would have been just as happy to have had the money spent for the party :-) Still, I guess we do need to get together every so often for whatever the occasion.

Back to work today...seems like I never left. I will say that things have gotten quite a bit easier around here since we were allowed to hire another half time person. I rarely have over 3 hours on the public desk these days, so that gives me more time to do my other work and of course just a bit more time for the internets and such. I feel like I deserve that extra time though, since I have taken on many of the class visits. Plus, Smiley has asked us all to do additional programming so that their are at least two specials each month in addition to our regular storytimes.

I finished the Dexter books...there must be a third in the works. Now I am reading something very different. Another one of those books that I have meant to get to for ages. It is called Consider This, Senora. It is so lovely, so sad, but full of beauty too.


Rachel said...

Glad that you had a good time at the party. LOVE that you used the acronym.
I have a question for ya.
My son is 8 and is a voracious reader. Any book suggestions? He has read the Fudge books by Judy Blume, Junie B Jones, Magic Tree House and read 2 Captain Underpants books in one day.
He loves book series but there aren't very many for his age group that I can find.

l.b. said...

I have some suggestions! These are all series that are very popular for kids your son's age:

A to Z Mysteries by Ron Roy
Bailey School Kids by Debbie Dadey
Zack Files by Dan Greenburg
Time Warp Trio by Jon Scieszka
Stink by Megan McDonald

Please let me know if you try any of these and if your son likes them :-)