Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Excel for Dopes

Tomorrow I am going to attend and Excel Training Seminar for three hours in the morning. Don't laugh, but I've never really learned how to use it very well, so when it was offered I jumped on board. I wonder if I can really learn to use it in three hours. I guess I'll see and after all, it is a morning out of the library...and in a different library...
I do have a fun lunchtime planned with Team C. For that, I will learn Excel and just about anything else anyone wants to teach me. More tomorrow.


esb138 said...

Have fun with that. Learning is fun. If you have it at home I do suggest just sitting in front of it for a couple of hours and trying everything out. I basically taught myself how to use it rather well.

PS, I used the take a picture of the cube thing and took it step further...if you want, check it out at

l.b. said...

You know, you are so right. Learning is fun and we even had a fun instructor. I will definitely take some time to experiment. I am better at learning through doing than through reading instructions or being told what to do.
HA! I love your cube pic! You are so tidy!

esb138 said...


Just play around with excel, it is not too difficult. I have set up entire accounting type formulas and sheets on my own.