Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday Oddness

TGIF. Really, I am so ready for a weekend. As much as I enjoy my job, some weeks just feel endless. I did do my Excel training yesterday and found it very useful. I think I may actually end up being the go-to gal here for spreadsheets and databases :-) Plus, bonus, I had time for a nice long lunch with Team C. Sometimes I wish I could see more of him, but other times I know it is just as well that we keep things very, very under control.
Today, one of our co-workers didn't show up, thus the Friday oddness. She is a part-time person, generally very reliable, and she just simply didn't come in. We tried her cell, no answer, her home, no answer, and her other job, where she had been earlier in the day but that was all they knew. I am left to hope that she simply forgot her schedule and that something bad hasn't happened to her. She is scheduled tomorrow too, so I will have to call and see if she's come in. Not to be nosy, but it is worrisome.
Other random thoughts....lets see...I had lunch alone today. I ate in the park because the weather is so pretty and it is nice to actually be in the weather for part of the day. Being indoors all the time can definitely get me down.
I started a new book. It is by Harry Shearer, who I think is quite funny. It is called Not Enough Indians. I figured I could use a smart laugh.
Here's hoping you guys have a really good weekend. You deserve it.


esb138 said...

You never know what could happen, calm and contolled can get really cool!

This is a workplace species of sort--the old "now you see me, now you dont"--I think everyone has encountered this one.

Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend!!

The Furtive Wangler said...

Hey, good going on the "go-to gal" front - I wish I knew more about Excel but for my needs I try to keep it simple :)

l.b. said...

misfit: It turns out you are right...she was just pulling a temporary disappearing act. I am the only one in the dept. who knows that she didn't really have a migraine...

Erin: Good to see you! I still read you...have they cleared up the weirdness of leaving comments between Beta and not-yet-Beta bloggers?

FW: K.I.S.S. is my motto! I came 'round to Excel when it became a point of pride for me to know it :-)