Monday, April 10, 2006

My Short Week

Ah, half a week of vacation is almost upon me. My kidlets are off school this week, so I thought it would be a good time to take a couple of days. I decided to get through my storytimes, as I'm too insecure to turn them over to anyone else, unless I absolutely have to for some reason. So, I am here today, tomorrow, and up until 1pm on Wednesday. After that, I won't be back until the following Monday. I don't have any special plans, but it will be nice to have the time to relax. One of the best things about the kids being on vacay is the chance to sleep in a little. During the school year, I really have to be up by 6 or so. Now, ideally, during summer and vacations I would get up at that time too, but would get oh-so-much more done. Nah, I like to sleep a little longer instead. Thats just how I roll - haha! I do miss some things about work when I'm not here. I miss seeing Milly and Heat, mainly. I miss the internet and everything that goes with it (including blogging).
Of course I will have to have something to read. I wanted to read Daniel Handler's latest Adverbs. However, the library is still aquiring it. I decided I might as well start with his first two adult novels, The Basic Eight and Watch Your Mouth. I am imagining fastish reads, so may be done with the first before vacation even starts. This will mean choosing a couple more by Wednesday afternoon. So many books, so little time! Any special suggestions? It would be much appreciated.

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