Thursday, April 6, 2006

But What About the Irritability Factor?

I have this co-worker. We'll call her The Drifter. She, I, and two part-timers share a common office space. We all get along just fine, fortunately...we are all nice people, after all. However, I have to vent here about the way in which this woman drives me right up the proverbial wall. Actually, there are a few issues I could bring up, but for today let us focus on singing and it's poor cousin humming. She is apparently obsessed with listening to various children's songs to find just the right ones to use for her programs...real far in advance, I might she seems to be planning for stuff that will come around in September. Okay, I'm getting off she plans is her own lookout. The children's songs are what I was talking about. She listens to the cassettes and cds through headphones, so that is considerate. BUT she either sings along quietly (it is really more of a moaning drone) or at the very least hums along (again, it is one note-ish droning). Not to be mean, okay? I mean, I freely admit that I am no singer myself. I'm horrible. I don't expose other people to it, though! The only place I sing is alone in my car where no one can get hurt! I don't know exactly why the droning bugs me so very, very much, but it definitely does. On a day like today, I feel like I could strangle her. This perfectly nice woman and I want to do her bodily harm. Here's hoping that writing this down will serve to sublimate my killer instinct...

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