Saturday, April 22, 2006

Almost Forgotten Friends

I am enjoying the way writing daily haikus makes me think about people that I used to know. For the most part, the memories are good, and even the ones that are not fully positive are, by this point, more bittersweet than painful.
It is odd, though, speaking of old friends...I got an email today from someone that I hadn't heard from in months. It was weird seeing his email address in my inbox. Also, it made me think of others that I have sort of lost track of. If I have time next week, I may make an effort to go through my contact list and sort of reconnect with those I have let drift. Of course, I could take the tack of "well, if they wanted to talk to me, they would!" But, I know that is not necessarily true. People just get busy. Someone on that list of people to catch up with could be very pleased to hear from me and wonder how time got away like it did. Does this make sense?

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