Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You Wanna Play Me?

I must be feeling very late 80s...or it must be that I watched Napoleon Dynamite again a couple of weeks ago, because for this week's Talk Talk Tuesday I am compelled to feature some radi-cool song lyrics.   Just my favorites, plucked from the song, The Promise by When in Rome.  I ♥ the 80s  ☺  (and English New Wave bands).

If you need a friend,
don't look to a stranger,
You know in the end,
I'll always be there.
-When in Rome

Sing me some of your favorite lyrics, would you?  Don't be shy.  We share here!  We Talk Talk. 


Tara said...

"Say, say, say what you want
but don't play games with my affections.
Take, take, take, what you need but don't leave me with no direction."

I loved that song and the video back in the 80s!

And I LOVE "Napolean Dynamite".

laura b. said...

Tara: Ooooh, MJ and Macca :-) Classic! As is Napoleon Dynamite.