Monday, May 17, 2010

What is Wrong With Me?

There is something wrong with me, I swear.  I need to learn to talk to people about things that matter.  I can chat up just about anyone casually should the occasion arise.  I can trade quips if I am in the right mood and my brain is firing on all cylinders.  I can listen and commiserate like no one else.  But for some reason, when something really matters, I seem to prefer to simply torture myself over it.  I will spend copious amounts of time running phrases through my brain, as though if I don't say the EXACT right thing the first time, all is lost.  When something matters a lot to matters too much to me.  It is hard for me to tell someone what I need from them...when it is something that matters.  I don't understand myself.  But I do see what I do and how is hurts me FOR NO GOOD REASON.   So, what is wrong with me?

On the lighter side of laura b., when I wasn't fermenting in my own sick brain juice it was a fine weekend.  DR spent the whole weekend.  We had lunch with Kick Back Dude and the three kids, and Handsome Lad even dropped in.  It was fun afterward to watch the kids make messes with their frozen yogurt.  We had that portion of the meal outdoors, which was genius.  DR and I went to the movies both days.  On Saturday we saw City Island, which I really, really liked.  On Sunday we saw Death at a Funeral, which I thought was pretty funny.  It has been unfavorably compared with the original, released only three years ago, but since neither of us had seen the original we figured that wouldn't affect our enjoyment.  Of course, now I am going to Netflix the original and compare. 

I have been checking out everyone else's blog and I saw lots going on over the weekend!  Seems like it was, almost universally, a good one.  Good for us! 

My sweetie babies.


secret agent woman said...

Which version of Death at a Funeral did you see. The kids and I just rented the British one and enjoyed it.

Tara said...

Oh my goodness, that is such an adorable photo! It looks like a greeting card!!

I know what you mean about toiling over and over in the head what you think you should've said (hey that rhymed!), it's what I do too. Way too much. Sadly, I think too much about a few people who I'm sure don't lose sleep over me, and that makes me angry. Lol.

I'm sorry that you're going through that, though. *Hugs across the miles*.

Churlita said...

I've gotten much better at saying things...Mostly because I drive myself crazy not knowing for sure.

I'm glad you had such a nice weekend.

laura b. said...

Secret: We went to see the one that is out now, with Chris Rock. I like the director, Neil LaBute, so I thought, why not? But now, yeah, I want to check out the British one :-)

Tara: Thanks, I think that is such a great picture too.
haha! I try not to consider the fact that there is most probably no one agonizing over what to say to me...but dang, you are so right! Thank you for the hugs...they travel well :-)

Churlita: I need to push through my reservations, because loose ends to bother me a LOT. I'll keep working on it.
Thanks, it sounds like you had a good weekend too!