Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Them Good Ol' Boys

Welcome to another delicious Choose and Defend Wednesday.  I'll admit it, due to hormonal considerations I have food on the brain.  Deal with it.  How do I deal with it?  By asking a bitchin' food based Choose and Defend question!  Today, we are talking pie. Not pi, which is sometimes interesting, but not today, but pie.   Tell us your preference and then defend said preference with joyful or grim determination...whatever works for you, man...I'm just the facilitator.   Feel free to get very, very specific.  Details provide the thrill.  So, what will it be...

Fruit Pie


Cream Pie

Choose and Defend!  The honor of all pie is at stake!  Thank you.

PS- This may seem marginally familiar, but although I have done a CAKE vs pie challenge, this is the first straight up PIE face-off.  Thank you again :-)


Tara said...

Since that top photo of a berry pie looks amazing to me today, I choose fruit pies. The cherry and strawberrie pies are the tastiest - they have a tartness to them.

Chocolate silk and boston creme varietes of cream pies are exceptions, though.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Fruit pie all the way.. my fav is Apple Crumble.. then Summer Harvest.. which is a mixed berry and apple.. yumm yumm!

Ananda girl said...

Oh give me a good cream pie any day!
I don't care for crust, so it's more like pudding to me. Lemon, coconut, or chocolate. YUM!!!

Churlita said...

How the hell are we supposed to choose? Chocolate pie versus dutch apple? Um, yes, please....To both.

Pamela said...

OK, so, let me just note that I would not consider lemon merenge pie to be a cream pie. That being said, fruit pie please, including the lemon merenge (which is not spelled correctly but I'm not looking it up)

AlienCG said...

Apple, blueberry, cherry, strawberry rhubarb, so many great choices. I have to say FRUIT PIE.

secret agent woman said...

Fruit pie definitely! Chery or blackberry or apple. Cream pie makes me a little ill.

laura b. said...

Tara: A little tartness it is! One for Fruit Pie.

Mrs: I approve of anything involving apples :-) Two for Fruit Pie.

Ananda: I am just the same! One for Cream Pie.

Churlita: A woman who wants it all. I am going to give you both of those votes, as you deserve it all :-) Three for Fruit Pie. Two for Cream Pie.

NoRegrets: I bet that could be a whole discussion, but you make a fine point. (Meringue) Four for Fruit Pie.

Secret: I'm sorry cream pies make you ill...good thing there are fruit pies to fall back on! Five for Fruit Pie.

Everyone: Fruit Pie has a commanding lead with 5 votes to Cream Pie's 2. Anyone else? Bueller? Bueller?

FW said...

Has to be fruit pie for me too. I love a good tart, cherry pie that is warm and with thick hot vanilla custard please! Yum

laura b. said...

FW: Looks like Fruit Pie is taking the day. You make Six!