Monday, May 3, 2010

May Day. Mayday...

It's Monday again and we're into the lovely month of May.  After working two Saturdays in a row, it was nice to have this whole weekend off all at once.  DR came over Friday after work and we got to spend all of Saturday together.  We felt quite productive, managing to get him a haircut, have a nice lunch out, and go grocery shopping.  haha!  Yeah, we move at our own pace.  I had decided to fully enjoy the time we have before he leaves...and I am.  The trouble is days like Sunday.  DR had gone off to work.  Girlie Girl was sleeping way in, as she'd been at a sleepover the night before.  I jumped at the chance to take Handsome Lad to Game Stop and then again when Girlie Girl roused up and wanted to go to the mall for a bit.  Sundays are just too quiet.  I like quiet, but at the moment I am not really about the idea of too much time to think.  Thank goodness for reading, and television, and karuro I suppose.  Thinking only gets me into trouble. 

So, here's hoping for a good week.  The weather is beautiful, things at home and work are calm, my car is still running, and DR is still here.  Just call me Mr. Brightside...or any Killers' song, really.  Your choice :-) 


Tara said...

Game Stop is a dangerous place for me. Especially now since I need to watch what I spend.

What is karuro?

I was driving myself crazy this weekend by thinking too much about stuff and it made me irritable, prickly and impatient. Thinking is usually a good thing, but it wasn't this weekend.

Pamela said...

Wouldn't it be Ms. Brightside?

secret agent woman said...


When I have time on my own, I seem to vacillate between being wildly productive and absolutely sloth-like.

Ananda girl said...

I totally sympathize with the "empty" of DR days! Busy is good. A great attitude like yours is a big plus.

My bug a boo right now is that Randy has a week of vacation and I'm suck up here... working. "June is only a month away" has become my mantra.

Churlita said...

I'm sure you'll hit some highs and lows during you and DR's time away. I also have a feeling that once it's here, you won't focus only on the absence, you'll just keep going with your living and your mothering and your working and your reading and then DR will be back in no time. It seems like the scenarios we create in our heads are always scarier than whatever really happens.

AlienCG said...

Video game stores are always dangerous to me. Keep looking on the bright side, it works for you. The time apart will fly by, just watch.

laura b. said...

Tara: We focus our attention on the least expensive used games if we can :-)
I meant to say 'kakuro', which is a math puzzle...I don't know what karuro is. ha!

NoRegrets: But then it wouldn't be a Killers' song!

Secret: Sorry, kakuro :-)
I can be happens now and then. I am kind of a slothful person in general though...

Ananda: You long wait is almost over, mine is just about to start. But yeah, I am going to be as positive as I can on the days that I can :-D

Churlita: Of course you are right. A lot of what troubles me are only my own, self-generated insecurities.
Thank you for inserting reality, because I can have trouble with that when I am on a mood thing.

AlienCG: Video game stores are one of Handsome Lad's favorite destinations. I'm sure he loves catching me when I'm just wanting something to do :-)
Thanks for your positive thoughts.