Monday, May 24, 2010

And Here We Go

Me and DR at his "Farewell for Now Dinner" w/ the kids.

Well.  The weekend.  Let me try and summarize if I can:

♦  Thursday - Handsome Lad's 13th birthday.  The whole family went out to dinner the night before at Golden Dragon, then back to WTG's house for cake and ice cream.  That morning we had a conference with Handsome Lad's resource team.  He's been in the resource program since the end of 4th grade, so this was his three year check-up.  He's been doing so well that he no longer qualifies!  Yay HL!    In more birthday news, I got him a bike, which he has converted from a 14-speed to a fixed gear.  Also, he and his dad went to the circus.  I was a little hesitant at first, because of the animal rights aspect, but I found out that Circus Vargas doesn't use animals anymore.  They had a great time and I didn't have to feel bad about exposing HL to animal cruelty :-)

♦ Friday - Spent the day with DR.  He had come over the night before and I really wanted to just spend time with him.  Of course there were calls of duty, because moms are never unavailable, but we did manage to have an awesome day together.  We hadn't intended to go out, really, but we did end up having dinner with Kick Back Dude and his posse.  They all care for DR very much and wanted to see him before he left town.  It was a nice dinner (the company, more than the food) and KBD took the above of the few in existance that we have together.

♦ Saturday - I worked.  Bah.  It was fine, but if I had planned more ahead I might have taken the day off.  Well, DR had to do some last minute packing chores anyway.  We were still able to spend one last evening together, in our favorite spot.

♦ Sunday - Our last day, for now.  DR made it perfect.  I have had many bad moments since I found out he was leaving, but I didn't want any of that to interfer with just enjoying our last bit of time together for a while.  I've been trying to sort of store up sensory memories to get me through this next year or so.  There is so much between us, and in some ways I am now on the right side of the clock...not counting the moments until he leaves, but counting down to his return.  And of course, I will try to make good use of my time while he's away.  What I feel now...and what I will try to that in the big picture of our life together, this will just be a small moment.  And of course, we have relied on technology to bring us together in the past and we are so much closer, emotionally, than we were a year ago.   I have all this to comfort me.

And so here I am, starting another week.  That's how I am looking at it...just starting another week.  Hope yours is great!


secret agent woman said...

Counting down until he returns will help. Sill, I hate it for you.

Ananda girl said...

First off congratulations to HandsomeLad on his graduation from resource learning! Very cool beans.

Sounds like a bitter sweet weekend. I am so impressed with your positive attitude. (I am such a whiner.) I do not know what I would do without the computer between Randy and myself on the days we can't be together. It keeps me connected and keeps me sane. A great comfort actually.

When I got home this time he sent me an email saying he missed me and would see me in a few days. I responded by saying well, I hope he emails. His answer... "You had to ask????" My turn to get to tease him for a change. ;-)

Tara said...

It sounds like you are a bit more positive about DR. I'm glad you have that countdown clock in the side margin too! That way we can be excited with you! It reminds me of that big moment when he first moved out there!

laura b. said...

Secret: I hate it too. I kept hoping, up until the last minute, there would be a reprieve :-)

Ananda: Thanks, I am very excited for Handsome Lad :-)

You and I have learned a thing or two about how the computer can bring people together...and you've found it can keep you connected during times apart. I am counting on it to help me and DR get through a somewhat longer than ideal time apart. We'll see.

Tara: haha! Yes, I had to bring back the countdown clock, even though right now I don't know exactly when he'll be back. I figured it would force me to see that time is actually passing :-)

Pamela said...

Well, I'm glad you have a good attitude. I'm sure there have been tears, but it leads to hope eventually. Good for you.

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: I figure this is a year of my life. I better get right in my mind and enjoy it.