Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday 5: Oops

I thought I'd go ahead and get the Friday 5 in.  If you haven't already, be sure to check out Tara's @ Eclectic Spaghetti too!

1.In the past month, what was your biggest OOPS?  It wasn't quite my OOPS, but one of my publications, the SRP brochure, came back from the print shop missing a corporate sponsor's logo.  We were looking at 3,000 copies of the brochure missing something apparently essential. My bosses didn't blame me and the situation was rectified, but I still felt...OOPS.

2.In the past month, what inspired you to let out your most heartfelt WHEW?  Ha!  Well, see above, I guess.  That a bad situation was easily resolved with no fuss.

3.In the past month, what caused you to say, “HUH?”  So many things....there is always something puzzling me, flummoxing me, catching me with that "duh" look on my face. 

4.In the past month, what influenced the most ZZZZZZZZs?  I sleep best all pushed up against DR.  Now I have to settle for my pillows and be glad that I tend to be a good sleeper under most circumstances.

5.In the past month, what was most GRRRRRRRRR-worthy?  My bear-like nature leads me to GRRRRRR regularly.  Beware my flashing jaws and claws!
I like the line she used over at Friday 5 to end her post...she said, "have a MMMMMMMMMMM kind of weekend."   Yes, please do.  Let the long weekend commence!!!


Tara said...

I've done that thing where I've made a bunch of copies only to find out I should've added something crucial. We also order diplomas, and there have been times when our vendor has left out a letter in the name of the program. Oops!!

laura b. said...

Tara: Anything in print I tend to feel personally responsible, even though the mistake isn't ALWAYS mine :-D