Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday 5 - Coooookiiiieeee

Finally, Friday!  And time for Friday 5 for a sweet end to the working week.  This one is delicious, so I hope you'll join me in talking about the best thing that ever happened to a glass of milk.

1.What is absolutely the best cookie you’ve ever had?  Almost any cookie that I am eating right off of the baking sheet, especially if there are chocolate chips involved, fits the bill here.  To narrow it down to one particular cookie?  That's crazy talk.

2.What is a cookie you really don’t care for?  Anything that has coconut can be taken off the table.  Go on, take it away.

3.What are some other cookies you are rather fond of?  I like Nutter Butters, those chocolate covered marshmallow things,  Milanos.... *drool*.......What was I saying?

4.Grocery-store cookies are, of course, never as good as anything that comes out of someone’s kitchen, but what’s a packaged cookie that’s still pretty good?  See aboveI guess I tend to think mainly in terms of store bought cookies, since I don't bake so much...or if I do, it is like, slice and bake :-)

5.In general, do you think cookies should be chewy and gooey, or should they be crispy and crunchy?  Look, this is not something you are going to want to generalize about.  This is an individual cookie issue!  For example, in the chocolate chip area, I would say I prefer chewy and gooey.  Mint Milanos, however, should be crisp and crunchy.  Don't fence me in, man.

I hope you enjoyed reading my deepest thoughts about this important issue :-)  Have a yummy weekend!!!


Ananda girl said...

1. The best cookie I have ever had is a pheffernessie! Yes, that's a badly spelled real name of a cookie.

2. NO PEANUT BUTTER homemade cookies. EVER. (Nutterbutters are wonderful though.)

3.I am very fond of macaroons, chocolate chip (while still warm, snickerdoodles, ginger snaps...

4.Oh... Nutterbutters, Oreos, any marshmellow covered in chocolate cookie, Nilla Wafers (especially with banana pudding!)

5.Oh dear... well, in the homemade variety it has to be ooey-gooey and warm. But if you are going to buy from a store, then hang it up and go for crisp! (anything else would be stale).

I must go find cookies...

secret agent woman said...

Except for the Nutter Butters, which I don't much care for, I'm with you across the board on all your cookie answers.

Churlita said...

I like Snickerdoodles and monster cookies the best. Yum.

Tara said...

That is one tasty-looking cookie in that photo!

1. I loved the large chocolate chip cookies sold at the mall. They were always warm from the oven and the chips were still gooey and melted. And the smell was amazing. Those were the best cookies. Then of course the ones that my mom and I bake for Christmas.

2. I'm not crazy about oatmeal raisin cookies and the cookies with thick frosting on them.

3. Girl Scout cookies, especially the ones with coconut and caramel.

4. Oreos! Oh and there used to be cookies on the market called Piccadillies. They were so delicious, but then they took them off the shelves. Grr. My mom and I still look for them.

5. I like crunchy sugar cookies, but I prefer that chocolate chip cookies are gooey and chewy.

laura b. said...

Ananda: What is a pheffernessie? I must know! Did you find cookies? I hope so :-)

Secret: Tres cool.

Churlita: Mmmm..snickerdoodles. What are monster cookies? Are they just really big? If so, I'm in.

Tara: I could live without oatmeal raisen too...probably too healthy seeming :-)
I haven't had piccadillies, but I hate when things I enjoy are discontinued!