Wednesday, May 19, 2010

They Do Whatever They Please

Choose and Defend Wednesday has arrived!  It has been a weird, stressy week, so I am just as glad to be at the halfway mark.  Mark....what does that remind me of?  Oh yes!  dmarks commented on my last Choose and Defend that I should do Ninja vs Sumo this week.  I think he was noticing that in doing Vampire vs Zombie, I was duplicating one of his Polls and encouraging me to go ahead and mine that lode :-)  Thanks dmarks, very cool of you.  So, I thought, sure, why not?  But I am going to switch it up just a little.  And apparently, this particular face-off is an internet sensation...or maybe it was a one point, I am not all that up on internet sensations.  Ahem...anyway, someone is on the move, heading your direction, wants your stuff, wants you mehbeh...who is it?  Alternatively, you can think of it in terms of how you see yourself.  Just include your thoughts in your defense!  Let me know what is going on in that noggin of yours.  Will it be....


Some baddies with colorful reputations and our endless fascination.  Choose and Defend!  Thanks :-)


Tara said...

Well if someone was about to sneak up on me for whatever reason, I'd prefer that I hear them so that I can defend myself. If it was a pirate, I'm sure I'd at least hear their wooden leg knocking against the pavement....And they'd probably smell like rum.

I choose pirate.

Churlita said...

Real pirates scare the crap out of me. But fake pirates are hot like Johnny Depp and Orlando bloom, right? I'll go with fake pirates.

secret agent woman said...

What Churlita said.

AlienCG said...

I'm not all for bandannas and funny shaped hats so I am going for the art of stealth and deadly accuracy. I choose the NINJA.

Pamela said...

I should have made you make a choose and defend for my place to live. I hate you! (not really). We are being offered both places. ACK!

FW said...

I choose Ninjas. I've always been impressed by those stealthy assassins!

laura b. said...

Tara: hahaha! That is an excellent could most certainly hear that pegleg and smell that rummy aroma. Good call :-) One for Pirates.

Churlita: Another good call. Real pirates, scary. Fake pirates, hot. Two for Pirates (preferably fake)

Secret: Hard to improve on that thought, right? Three for Pirates (preferably fake)

AlienCG: It is true that ninjas seem more mysterious than pirates and I know you're a man who loves a mystery. One for Ninjas.

NoRegrets: Well, I can now reveal that if I had been the one making the choice, I would have made the same choice you did:-) Congratulations!!!

FW: Yes, Ninjas are a subtle, yet decisive people. Two for Ninjas.

Everyone: So far it is 3-2 in favor of Pirates. If anyone else still wants to play, go ahead! Tell us your preference!

Sebastien Millon said...

Ninjas are way more dignified. Since I'm a particularly dignified person, I go with ninjas!

laura b. said...

Sebastien: It is true you are pretty much known for your dignity.
Three for Ninjas.

That makes it a tie, with 3 each for Pirates and Ninjas!