Saturday, May 1, 2010

Poem #1

Accepting a challenge feels good.
I feel competant and strong,
Ready to take on the world.
The starting flag is unfurled.


I watch the words form magically.
My fingers moving blindly,
Pecking at the keys like hens.
Three months from now, who wins?



secret agent woman said...

Not sure what the challenge is, but go for it! Anything that makes you feel like a winner is worth it.

FW said...

Nice, is it one of a series? It suggests a title like "Race begins" or "Countdown Timer" or similar. The first line is a little mysterious, I want to know more about the challenge and why it feels good.

AlienCG said...

Welcome to the challenge, Laura B. I don't know how many I am going to be publishing online.

Maybe I can help. AlienGF (my girlfriend) posed a challenge to me, to write a poem a day for three months.

laura b. said...

Secret: I am accepting AlienCG's challenge to write a poem every day for the next three months. Totally worth it :-)

FW: It is part of a series of poems I will be writing everyday for the next three months. But there will be no unifying theme. Or form. Or anything. Just writing for fun.

AlienCG: Thanks! I guess I will just put mine up, because I don't know what else I'd do with them. Hope everyone can bear with me or just ignore them :-)

Pamela said...

Huh, I didn't see that challenge. It's a great idea and you do wonderfully.

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: Yes, that is the Alien's challenge and I thought is sounded fun. Thank you!