Monday, April 12, 2010

Yeah, I Needed That

Yes, I was due and it felt good.  I took off a couple of extra days this past week to give myself a four day weekend.  I have traditionally done this for a chance to spend some extra time with the kids during their Spring break.  I did get a bit of that, but of course they are so busy now...the big boys all grown, Girlie Girl an extreme social butterfly, and Handsome Lad, currently busy being Dad's Lad :-)  [Side note here: since WTG's been out of work, he has been the most attentive and fun dad in the world to Handsome Lad.  Honestly, the fun never stops over there.  It is nice for Handsome Lad, but I can't compete.]

Fishing with dad!

Anyway, I had that time off in any event and I was happy to get to spend a good part of it with DR.  He came over Wednesday evening and we spent Thursday together.  He had to go to work Friday, but he came back that evening.  I even cooked dinner, which for me has become a bit rare.  Like, I heat things up and I defrost, but actual cooking...not so much.  Saturday we went out to a screening of A Day at the Races.  I now have a crush on the Marx Brothers, circa 1937. 

Sunday was quiet.  DR had to work, but Girlie Girl was back from her little San Diego trip, so she and I got to catch up a bit.  Also, I took Handsome Lad to get a couple of used video games.  Of course his dad took him to a premiere of Kick-Ass, featuring the stars of the movie, live and in person.  As I said, I can't compete.  *sigh*  Handsome Lad is happy, though, and that is what counts.  And mostly, I am happy too.  I feel as good as I can about the family stuff .  Plus, I feel loved in a way that I really never have, with DR in my life.

I hope you all had good weekends too.  Now, let's go show this week who's who and what's what!


Pamela said...

Glad you enjoyed your 4 days. Amazingly enough, I enjoyed much of my weekend. That hasn't happened in far too long.

Churlita said...

Good for you! I'm glad you got some fun time with DR. I'm sure your kids will be happy that you have someone to spend time with as they get older and do their own things.It sounds like a good balance of kids and a good man. Nothing better than that.

MrManuel said...

The premier of Kick Ass?!?! Kick ASS! Love that comic and can't wait until the movie in a few days. Glad you got some time off.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

It is hard to compete with the Ex.. But I'm glad HL had some quality time and got to do fun stuff.. It sounds like you got some much needed R&R.. What did you cook for DR?

Tara said...

What did you cook?

I'm so happy for you, so glad that you and DR can spend so much time together!

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: I am glad to hear you enjoyed some of your weekend too. You fully deserve a break!

Churlita: Sometimes life feels purely like one big balancing act and I can only hope I'm getting it right.

MrManuel: I know! Kick-Ass! He loved it. I will look forward to your movie review :-D

Mrs: For me, the competition is impossible, and I don't want Handsome Lad caught in the middle. At least, yes, I did get some MUCH needed down time.

Tara: For you and Mrs. I can reveal that the meal included meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, steamed baby carrots, and rolls. DR even had a couple of lunches for work with the leftovers.

I really appreciate time I can spend with DR. He's a great friend to me.

secret agent woman said...

A four-day weekend sounds heavenly. I'm holding on until June, when I will get a week off.

laura b. said...

Secret: It was just what I needed. Looking forward to another four day weekend in June...