Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Put 'Em In Your Mouth and Suck 'Em!

It is Wednesday, so it must be time to Choose and Defend! It is Wednesday and I am not only tired, but also hungry! So let's roll with that, shall we? Nothing like a snack is there? And of course, there are different snacks for different times, different moods. Still, you probably have a default snack food. Something that almost always hits the spot. Let's talk about it. Choose and Defend!

Will you have...

A Sweet Snack

A Salty Snack

Justify your love. And don't even think about those awful times when you get sucked into a sweet / salty / sweet / salty snacking cycle. Focus on your favorite. You can do it. Choose and Defend!


Tara said...

Salty! Definitely salty, I've been known to devour bags of chips in one sitting. Just another glimpse into my life. :D

I do like sweet snacks, like Ben & Jerry's ice cream. But I always go back to the chips and Doritos.

And what about you? Which do you prefer?

Pamela said...

If it's truly a snack and not an indulgence, I would have to say salty. Most of those have more substance. But I don't like pretzels and wouldn't eat potato chips. Why didn't you have the option of fruit or yoghurt?

Anonymous said...

I'm a salty girl! I love salty snacks! I even add extra salt to ready salted crisps! (you call them chips I think!) So lets here it for Salty! Yay!

Sebastien said...

Me take sugar. Me like sugar high. Me agree with cookie monster!

AlienCG said...

Hmmm, tough call. I like sweets, and I like salty snacks, but I have to say that I prefer...SWEET SNACKS. Nothing like a couple donuts and a glass of milk.

Churlita said...

Salty. You got me to make some microwave popcorn just reading this.

Ananda girl said...

While I am both a cholaholic and a salty dog... I am the most compelled by salt to eat out of control. One chip does lead to another and another and...

laura b. said...

Tara: That is why I do these! For these fascinating glimpses into your lives!
One for Salty.

Pamela: I didn't have the option of fruit or yogurt, because if you choose to eat those things I just don't want to know about it. Keep it private.
Two for Salty.

Daffy: I like your enthusiasm! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout :-)
Three for Salty.

Sebastien: You and sugar go together like bears and honey.
One for Sweet.

AlienCG: Yessir, I like the way you think. Milk is superb with many sweet snacks.
Two for Sweet.

Churlita: I feel so powerful!
Four for Salty.

Ananda: I feel your pain. They are both great temptations. Thank you for choosing though...I need choice! :-D
Five for Salty.

Everyone: Salty 5 to Sweet 2. A surprising contest! I will go ahead and insert my preference it is Sweet 3 now. This is a competition and it isn't too late to champion your favorite! Tell us.

Sebastien said...

I like your analogy. I actually have a drawing in the works that relates to bears and honey :)

laura b. said...

Sebastien: Oooh, can't wait to see that!