Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday 5 - Shapes

Welcome to another fabulous Friday 5. This one, as you can see, is all about shapes. Feel free to participate in your blog or in comments. Or just comment about anything. Nice day we're having, eh? And it is Friday!

1.What is your favorite shape of pasta? I like something hearty that holds the sauce, so I'm gonna be bold and go with penne.

2.Which of the Lucky Charms marshmallows is (or was) your favorite? Can't go wrong with a classic Pink Heart. Also, the Rainbow is very nice. I still love me some Lucky Charms, by the way. I didn't stop eating them when I "grew up". haha!

3.Of people you know who are older than forty, who’s in the best shape? As far as I can tell, one of my blogging friends has anyone I know IRL trumped. Churlita takes the cake here...or not cake...she takes the prize!

4.What shape is one of the more interesting scars on your body? I have the kind of light skin that doesn't really scar. My little belly button scar from my tubal is kind of like a, fascinating?

5.Of a human’s internal organs, which you think has the most interesting shape? The brain, baby. That thing is all full of folds and creases and it just looks important. And guess what? Turns out, it is!

Thanks for participating, and have a ship-shape weekend! I look forward to our QUEST tomorrow!


Tara said...

Penne pasta! I couldn't think of that this morning, just had to go with tubey pasta. But yeah, I like penne pasta.

Churlita said...

Awwww. Thanks, LauraB. But I will take cake. I really love cake.

Bobby said...

My mom never bought us Lucky Charms. Maybe this would somehow sway my outcomes a bit in later life.

Sebastien said...

I find the brain to be scary looking. I like the heart, how it powerfully twists and wrenches itself and gushes out the blood all over the body. What a hard job, and it never really gets to rest, until, well, you know!

I never got into lucky charms. I was into Cinnamon Toast Crunch when I was little. Surprised my parents let me eat that stuff, haha... I don't think I would let my kids eat that.

laura b. said...

Tara: haha! I don't know, I kind of like very descriptive name "tubey" pasta!

Churlita: For you, anything :-)

Bobby: That is some deprivation there. A childhood without Lucky Charms seems slightly lacking somehow...

Sebastien: Yes, the brain is scary looking. Is that bad? I do agree that the heart is pretty banging though.
Cinnamon Toast Crunch is square and delicious. Are you going to be one of those parents who makes their children lurk in the neighbors' kitchens for sweet handouts?