Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Back

First order of business...please join me in noting how weirdly similar Susan Boyle and Adam Lambert's cd covers are. What is up with that?

Okay, moving on...did you have a good weekend? It was kinda cool having Halloween on a Saturday, wasn't it? My weekend was pretty quiet, all things considered. DR came over Thurday evening. We weren't sure what the plan was for the weekend exactly, with everyone else's stuff going on...but there ended up not being that much other he just stayed the weekend. Awesome. I had Friday off, so we had some time to just hang out. We do things like laundry, and grocery shopping, and watching movies. It is deeply comforting to me to not have to do everything by myself, as I have for many years. Hard to explain.

Saturday was a work day. Apparently the people of Arcadia had alternative activities besides hitting the library, so it was quiet-ish. Yay! I wore my costume, sort of...the cape part. My friend Milly dressed up, because she was going to a party right after. One of the shelvers dressed up too...but that was it. Everyone else was not fun. We had thought we'd maybe trick or treat around with the babies, but I found out that my M.I.L. was going with them....uh, pass. So we had a nice evening at home. Girlie Girl went out to a party and Handsome Lad was in 'ignoring me' mode, out in the care of his dad. Only one little family ventured into my little complex. Luckily I had some candy on hand. Oh, alright. I always do. haha! Anyway, Girlie Girl and her friends came in late and loud. And apparently they had attracted the attention of some guys who were partying across the street...old men, though, in their 20s. Even after the girls came in, I could hear their voices outside. Girlie Girl handled it though. Opened the door and yelled, "Go home!" They did. And the girls settled down quickly.

Sunday was the great sleep in. Even with the time change...or because of it? I don't know. DR said it was Veg Day...but I did give him a mean look when he wanted to take a nap that afternoon. At least he says I did. But we stayed conscious all day, watching many, many movies. I even managed to cook a meal, which is one of those things worth mentioning. I get frustrated is like people think I CAN'T cook, when in fact I just don't WANT to cook. Geez. Big difference.

Then Monday came and it is back to the salt mines. Got Girlie Girl and Handsome Lad off to school. Talked to Handsome Lad's Resource coordinator...what a great guy, seriously. Made a dental appointment for Social Animal. And another week begins...
Hope it's a good one, for all of us :-)

PS - I have a question nagging at me. But I'm not asking it. Because when you ask a question, you better make sure you are ready to hear all possible answers. I am not sure I'm ready for that.


Tara said...

Oh well now I'm in a bit of suspense about what you are wondering what to ask! Well when you are ready, you know we'll be here! Don't let the question nag you forever!

I don't mind cooking either, when the mood strikes. But it's funny when I hang out in the kitchen too long. Skittles will howl from the livingroom like she's worried about me or something. Hehe.

Sunday did seem like a great sleep in day, and I'm pretty sure it had a lot to do with the time change.

And I noticed that Sebastien and I are out of the contest with Melissa Joan Hart. :(

daffy said...

I find it quite strange that you know about Susan Boyles album cover when we hardly hear about her now. Unless it's just me and I've lost the radar for all things entertainment! Pity I can't avoid finding out who has gone out of Dancing with the Stars as well as I avoid Susan Boyle! She was all we heard about for a while but then poof! Off she went. Now all we hear about is Jordon/Peter/Cheryl Cole and the X Factor... I bet you are wondering what the heck I am banging on about!
Ask the question... you gotta put it out there and the answer may well be loads better than you think... you are fearing the worst becasue things are going well but you know the question won't go away.... ASK! ;o)

daffy said...

Tara! Melissa Joan has gone out! OMG! I can't believe it! When did this happen! How far am I behind! (She just did a jitterbug on my telly....)
Is my little skate/Snowboard (?)dude still in. *please say yes...please say yes!*

laura b. said...

Tara: I don't really mean to be dropping little teasers, but I do have something on my mind. When I care bear any possible answer, I will ask. Thanks for being here.
Cooking is so overrated. haha! Let someone else do it, I say! When my kids were small, it made much more sense to cook their meals. Now that it is often just Girlie Girl and I...or just me, I think 'why bother'?
Aw...sorry about MJH. She was cute, but these double eliminations are brutal.

Daffy: I am not a Susan Boyle or Adam Lambert fan, but I happened across these on Amazon and went..hmmmm. As for the X Factor, I have no idea what you are babbling on about. haha! And I'm sorry about the DWTS spoilers. Honestly, it is the only show I feel compelled to follow on my blog like this. It's become my private tradition. I will say it again...DON'T LOOK TO YOUR RIGHT! Thank you :-)

AlienCG said...

After handing out candy, I went to a Halloween party Saturday night.

It sounds like you had quite a relaxing weekend and it's good that GG was able to stave off the advances of the old guys.

I enjoy cooking as has been demonstrated on my blog, but there are times when I just don't feel like cooking.

Pamela said...

Hmmm... such a long post yet so little done. ;-0 Glad you had a good weekend. I kept busy enough for the both of you.
Let's see, possible questions:
Should you have another baby? sure, why not?
Should you co-habitate with DR already? Sure, why not?
I could think of many more.

daffy said...

Laurab you are a hoooooot! I'm crying with laughing so hard here... I only had a quick glimpse though! I would just like to say though... The dude who had cold... he's a bit mean to his partner isn't he. He was with Jenny Garth last time wasn't he... I thought he was lovely then but I think he has a mean streak now. I love Donny Osmond too, he has such a cute smile but my fave is the little snowboard guy.... I just want to squash him all up and possibly even eat him! ;o)

laura b. said...

AlienCG: I haven't been to a grown-up Halloween party in so long. I'm jealous.
GG is very self-sufficient. Don't mess with the Girl :-)
I have no objection to eating anyone's cooking. If you ever want to cook for me I will eat it. haha!

Pamela: Story of my life. All talk, no action. Maybe I am the bizarro you!
Those are NOT my question! But you get mad props for creative thinking.

Daffy: :-D hee hee!
Yes, that Derek has gotten sort of snotty and cocky, I think.
I've loved Donny Osmond all my life (okay, almost) and even now when I look at him I feel that little pitty patter in my heart :-) That little snowboarder is adorable...and he and Chelsea seemed to have a little chemistry going on.

Churlita said...

Sounds like a great weekend. It's been forever since I've had a guy to hang out and just "be" with. I'm glad that's still possible. I hope things are still good between you and the question isn't about that.

Ananda girl said...

Now I am dying to know the question! What if we promise not to answer out loud?

I want a photo like that too.

I love hearing how nice it is for you to be a two-some. Sigh. :-)

laura b. said...

Churlita: Yeah, I like just hanging out!
Things are really good...but I do have a question. I'm waiting though.

Ananda: It is just this...thing...a situational type of thing, that is puzzling me. Sort of. Hopefully, it will resolve itself without me getting inquisitive.

haha! Place your face dreamily in your hands and smile softly at the camera, baby. There you go!

MrManuel said...

Those are two of the worst CD covers ever! Sounds like the weekend was good; nice and quiet. Seems like you and your man are having some good times.

I am intrigued by the question...

laura b. said...

MrManuel: Aren't they awful?
But, yeah, this weekend was really, really nice.
The question. It is kind of sad and I am hoping I can avoid it.

Sebastien said...

If I have a question and someone doesn't give me the answer I want to hear, well, I beat them over the head. I take a lot of my cues from the Gestapo (actually, I have the gestapo on my mind because I'm reading a detective story that takes place in 1936 Berlin, so the Gestapo is quite prevalent within the story).

Anyhow, I'm really hurt. You just called me old. Sniff...

Did you see some movies that you liked? Any to recommend?

laura b. said...

Sebastien: I think you have the right idea. I will consider your strategy.
And don't are only old to age inappropriate girls :-)
I will have to think about doing a movie review post...I've watched enough of them lately...