Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Identical? Fraternal? Any Other -al?

We have photographic evidence that Camper is actually a twin to two other people in the library...we expect that number to grow.

Sorry about yesterday. Seems like I sounded upset or like I had a bad day. Really, it was just a very busy day. Last week I was having an issue or two, but I am feeling much less anxious now. So, there may be more angst to come, but not today:-)

I had an excellent weekend. DR came on Friday evening and we went to have dinner and hang out with Kick Back Dude and his family. Girlie Girl took Miss Personality to our house to spend the night. The next day we all went to the park and had a late lunch together. Sunday was a quiet day. DR and I slept in and lounged around, did some shopping, and ate sammiches. Every small thing is better with DR around. I love him so.

The only thing marring my happiness right now is that Handsome Lad is following his dad's lead and has reacted to me being involved with someone by withdrawing. It hurts me...I know it hurts Handsome Lad too. But I also know that he will come around. He's my baby and that will never change. The past few days, he has thawed a bit and I feel confident that his dad's influence isn't the only thing he feels. I do put myself in a position of looking almost uncaring, because I refuse to make things like this into a battle for Handsome Lad's affection. I won't tug at him. I wait, because that is what works with him. And it is working.

So, I am happy. Things aren't perfect, but they seldom are in real life. But I am happy and lucky and I even have tomorrow off work for Veterans Day. Awesome. Now, I have to try and find an outfit that Camper would possibly wear and put it into rotation for my special surprise Twin day. haha!


Tara said...

You're doing the right thing with Handsome Lad. If you can see it from his perspective, the situation is probably a little different for him. It's just been you and the kids for awhile, so it's just something to get used to. It sounds like he will be okay. More than okay.

I didn't think you were too upset yesterday. I sensed an air of "chaos" in the air. It was Monday, afterall.

AlienCG said...

It's good to read that you're happy and that HL seems to be getting used to it. You have a good attitude toward life and you're right, nothing is perfect, but you can make the best of it.

Churlita said...

My oldest daughter used to be like that when I dated guys. Back whenever it was when I used to date guys...She felt bad for her dad.(even though he dated too. I just didn't say anything bad to the girls when he did)

She got over it and so will your boy. It sounds like he's coming around already.

laura b. said...

Tara: I definitely see Handsome Lad's point of view. I know he'll adjust if his dad lets him :-)

AlienCG: Thank you.

Churlita: I work hard not to involve the kids in any bad feelings I have about their dad. Sometimes it feels like it makes things unfair, but I know it is for the best.