Saturday, November 14, 2009

No Matter How Hopeless, No Matter How Far

Hello, faire pilgrims! Welcome to my QUEST. QUEST, this week's word for the Saturday Scavenger Hunt, was chosen by me, laura b! I was thinking about the nature of the QUEST...setting off in search of something, finding it, and bearing it proudly home. Sounds kinda old skool, but we all do it! Come with me now...on my QUEST for...something to read over the weekend. :-)

The QUEST begins by leaving the office...I must venture out into the stacks to find what I need.

Down the hall, my QUEST continues. My target is in sight.

Here we see the gold standard for my QUEST. A "new" book. Among my favorite sections library wide.

My QUEST has been successful! A new and interesting looking book to read! Huzzah!

I am always on a QUEST for good reading materials. It was nice to have company this time. If by nice I mean a little embarrassing. I hope your QUESTs are just as awesome and inspiring silly and pointless as mine. Then I won't feel quite so silly and pointless :-) If I can get his attention, I am going to try and tag dmarks for this coming week. So join me in rattling his cage and seeing if he's up for it, will you? I thank you gude sirs and ladies.

Welcome the sixte, whan that evere he shal. For sothe, I wol nat kepe me chaast in al.


AlienCG said...

What a great QUEST. I felt like I was right there walking through the stacks and finding a book to read. Thanks for sharing and great word.

Pamela said...

Pretty empty library... You need to get more people in! ;-) great job.

Sebastien said...

A wonderful and noble quest I say! (you even used the word bear in your post, hehe).

Your library looks very spic and span.

My quest involves world domination. I don't like to brag, but I do think my quest is quite important.

Tara said...

Oh cool, thank you for giving us a tour of your library! I love your office, especially the wallpaper! :)

laura b. said...

AlienCG: I'm glad you liked it, thanks!

Pamela: I did take those pretty early in the day. I will have to show you the Children's Room during the after school hours sometime :-)

Sebastien: haha! I love BEARing things. It is a tidy place...early in the day at least.
Your quest sounds kind of important. And you can document it in your art, so there's that.

Tara: Thanks for stopping in for the de-luxe tour! It's a nice place to hang out.

Churlita said...

I am always on the quest for new reading material. I've been fantasizing about becoming one with a big comfy chair and a good book. As soon as I move....

laura b. said...

Churlita: When I don't get to read for awhile, I find I get quite irritable. Um, more irritable.