Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Rehearsed Those Lines Just Late Last Night

Today, as you may know, is a big day for me and DR. As I write this, he is driving in my direction. He is keeping me updated, I am keeping FB updated, and it seems the trip is going like clockwork *knock on wood*. All this waiting isn't going to be waiting for much longer...which is what inspired today's Choose and Defend Wednesday :-) It is pertinent to lots of life situations. Think about how it has pertained to you, Choose, and then Defend. It is just that easy. Which of these two things do you prefer? They both have their perks! Do you enjoy...

Reaching Your Goal

Tell me all about it. I could use the distraction :-) Choose and Defend!


Tara said...

I feel like DR is visiting all of us, it is that kind of edge-of-your seat excitement! I'm crossing my fingers that everything keeps going smoothly!

And this is a tough question, but I will go with Anticipation. One example is waiting for my brothers to visit. We're at the airport waiting for their flight to arrive, waiting to see the familiar faces in the crowd. It's such a fun feeling.

Also, I love the anticipation of taking my own vacation - the planning, the purchasing of airline tickets, the itineraries. Love it.

Churlita said...

I hate anticipation. I always just want to be THERE, you know? I've been thinking about this a lot, while I wait to find out if I get my house...Which may be the closest thing I ever come to a boyfriend. So, I'm going with The Goal. I hope you get your happy beginning as soon as possible.

Sebastien said...

Can I have both? What if I reach my goal and have something new to anticipate. That's kind of the sweet spot right there :)

Try and contain yourself Laura!!! don't blow a fuse, we need you to function :) I'm sure lightning bear is helping you. He is incredibly helpful, especially to other bears he likes.

can't wait to hear about the meet-up.

NoRegrets said...

Hmm.. to me, anticipation does not go together with goals. Did you mean that??

Oh, crap, just looked at the timer. 6 MINUTES!!! wow

Anyway. Reaching goals.

Anonymous said...

I kind of think they go together... Do you prefer the possibility of doing something you are aiming for or do you prefer the actual 'doing it', the 'achieving'.
I think anticipation is the best... the unknown... the what ifs and I wonnders...
Waiting over I take it! ;o)

AlienCG said...

Getting there is all the fun. I choose ANTICIPATION. I also think you can remove the timer from the side bar since he's there.

David in DC said...


If goals were as good, Carly Simon wouldn't have needed four more sylables.

Thus saith David in DC.

PS: I hope you have better things to do than blog while DR visits.

After he's gone, there'll be plenty of time to slake our thirst for salacious details.

Ananda girl said...

Oh dear... with me it's hitting that goal! I'm so glad the waiting is over for you two. It makes my heart happy. Yay!

The Furtive Wangler said...

It's good to have anticipation but on the whole I'd rather be looking back having met my goals I think.

laura b. said...

Tara: There is something really exciting about airports to me...possibly because I don't travel much.
One for Anticipation.

Churlita: I have messed myself up countless times by not being able to wait...wanting things settled. I just hate NOT knowing...
I feel that way about your house too!!!
One for The Goal.

Sebastien: You want it all :-) Sure why not? Don't worry about me...I am not going to get all Lightning Bear or anything. I let LB handle that!
Meet up info to come:-)

NoRegrets: What does anticipation lead to then? Failure? Not on my watch, Missy! haha!
Two for The Goal.

Daffy: They definitely go together. And the unknown, I agree, can be very intriguing. My wait is over, yes :-)
Two for Anticipation.

AlienCG: That can certainly be true...okay, timer down :-)
Three for Anticipation.

DiDC: Fortunately, this is not just a visit. He is here to stay :-) And I am hoping to have less time for internet activities, but blogging is pretty darn addictive.
Carly Simon, tee hee!
Four for Anticipation.

Ananda: Thank you so much :-D You're an awesome friend.
Three for The Goal.

FW: Nice take on it, thanks!
Four for The Goal.

Everyone: Oh, my goodness. With the adorable Sebastien straddling the fence here, we have a tie of 4-4 for this show down! We need some more votes, so if anyone is lurkingly hesitating please speak up. You're preference is needed!