Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday 5 - Similes

I am enjoying doing the Friday 5 lately. It makes me think about things a little differently. I like it when you play along too, so feel free as a bird to do so :-D

1.Who in your life is as blind as a bat? Hm. No one I know has any glaring blind spots. Speaking more literally though...Kick Back Dude, Secret Agent Man, and Girlie Girl all REALLY need to wear their glasses. They can thank their father for that. haha!Here is the local vampire sea turtle. I make no claims about his vision, but I can assure you he is ready for Halloween.

2.Who in your life is as happy as a clam? Me, mostly :-) And DR. Or at least we will be in....12 days!!!

3.Who in your life is as mad as a wet hen? Oooh,my mom was yesterday. We had lunch together and she had a long story for me about some super odd charges on her credit card bill. It all got taken care of, but she was mad! Can't say I blame her.

4.Who in your life is as stubborn as a mule? I suppose that particular honor would be shared by Handsome Lad and Miss Personality. Once either of them get set on something, best of luck changing their minds or distracting them.

5.Who in your life is as quiet as a mouse? Do I actually know any quiet people? Well my little bear friend Milly is pretty quiet. But subversive. And what is more dangerous than that? Nothing. So watch out for those quiet as a mouse types.

Oh! also wanted to briefly mention that Secret Agent Man's birthday dinner was really nice last night. I am always so happy when everyone is together.

Also, I have every hope that my car will be up and running by tomorrow. And in spite of not having my car I was able to get to work every day this week through the shuffling of family vehicles. Whew. It was even sort of fun getting to drive other cars. Plus, I listen to whatever they have on their radio as a tribute to them :-) So...on Tuesday and Thursday I got to listen to Girlie Girl's iPod mix. Very heavy on the Taylor Swift, Eminem, and other stuff...she is currently into pretty girl voices (and Eminem). On Wednesday I listened to WTG's 70's on 7 XM. Not bad. Happy memories of my youth. And today on the way in I heard Social Animal's 311 CD "Don't Tread on Me". Awesome.

Hope you all have a great weekend and hope that I get to check out everyone's TIME tomorrow :-)


AlienCG said...

1. I wear glasses, but I'm not blind as a bat without them. I wouldn't dare drive without them, though.

2. I'm pretty happy in my life right now, all things considered.

3. I can get pretty mad, but right now I know of nobody else who's mad.

4. My brother.

5. Quiet. Quiet? What's that?

I do hope your car is ready to drive again. It's nice that you have cars to drive, but there is no car like your own.

Tara said...

I've never heard of those vampire turtles, but thank you for the warning! I will protect my neck.

My mom lends me her car when mine is at the shop. She listens to songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Most of the time I keep it on her station.

Laura said...

AlienCG: I do like a man in glasses.
Evil E, stubborn? Who'd have guessed...haha!
And I have to say, I am very happy to have my car back :-)

Tara: hee hee! At this time of year, you never know what sort of creature you are going to encounter. Beware.

Aren't moms great? My mom likes Aerosmith and Metalicca. I wonder if they know they have 70 year old fans?

Sebastien said...

I'm as blind as a bat. I used to wear glasses when I was little that were as thick as the bottom of coke bottles. I like to joke that they were so powerful they gave me the power to look into the future, hehe...

Great to hear you had a great birthday dinner. Keeping my fingers crossed for your car.

Churlita said...

Girly Girl and Stinky sound like they are at the same musical tastes. I'm glad you had fun playing musical cars.

laura b. said...

Sebastien: I love that! Glasses so powerful they mess with the space time continuum.
My car is running again...yay! :-)

Churlita: I try not to judge...I remind myself that I was once a teenage girl too. Still.
It was fun, but I am really glad to have my car back.