Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The 411. Just 4 U.

I don't want to assume that everyone is as fascinated by me as I am...but it is my blog after all, so yeah, today we will talk about me. And about DR too! That poor man was on display vitually all weekend IRL...why not here too? haha!

It starts with a loooong drive. DR drove all day last Wednesday, straight through. I even got to update his progress on his Facebook wall, which was kind of cool and made me feel involved in the trip without that horrible cramped feeling of being in a car for 10 hours. He stopped in briefly at his sister's, where he is staying while getting situated. He wanted to come over right away....I wanted him to come over right away...and what is another 45 minutes or so after all of those hours?

He called when he was on my street and I ran downstairs and practically rushed the door of his car. When he got out we just hugged and hugged...it felt awesome. After that, I kind of didn't want to stop touching him for the next few days. But of course there was a lot going on. He met Girlie Girl right away, as when we stepped inside the apartment, there she was! They have a similar sense of humor and hit it right off.

I took a mental health day on Thursday so that we could sort of just unwind together. It felt so good just having him near me. I wish I could explain just how it felt, but probably you can imagine. I do give you guys some credit. haha! Anyway, DR went home that evening and I had work the next day...but he came back late Friday, after he had spent some time with his family...who I reminded myself had been anxiously awaiting his move too!

Saturday, we had lunch with the Kick Back Dude gang. They were all really excited to meet DR and we'd had this lunch planned for awhile. Golden Dragon, yay! I felt so proud and happy with my family all around me and DR next to me. He is very good with kids. Miss Personality seems quite smitten and the babies, who are a bit shyer, were very calm with him, as though he'd always been around.

What DR had got (?) to sit across from for his morning coffee. What a treat. *snicker* Trust me, the less you can see here, the better

The kicker was Sunday when I forced this poor man to sit down to lunch with the KBD clan again, Girlie Girl, AND my mom, dad, and step mom. I guess forced might be a strong way to put it, but really...what could he say? Both of these days were a lot of fun, but also pretty long and public. DR was definitely thrown right into the fire and definitely handled it all sooo much better than I ever could have.

When he left to go home Monday morning and I was heading off to work again, it was like almost like waking up from a dream. Back to reality. But still...a better reality, I think. This wasn't just a weekend, it was the start of our life together here, only minutes apart from one another at the worst, joined at the hip at the best :-) Yeah, no one can predict the future, but I don't think there is anything too wrong with some optimism and hope and love.


Tara said...

This is a happy, happy post, thank you so much for sharing the long-awaited DR arrival! I can imagine how excited you both were to finally meet up! And that was great that he met your family!

NoRegrets said...

You and your optimism! ;-) So wonderful, and great that he can jump in with both feet.

AlienCG said...

It's great that you two are finally together. It sounds like the overall formalities are done, so now it's time to live. Thank you for sharing this part of your life with all of us.

Ananda girl said...

Yay! I could not be any happier for you than I would be if that was my situation. What a wonderful reality! I love happy beginnings. ;-)

laura b. said...

Tara: Thanks for letting me share. I was really happy that he was able to meet a lot of my family. There are a few stragglers I will have to round up for meets soon :-)

NoRegrets: haha! A good portion of the people I know tend to be "worst case scenario" appreciators. It's exhausting. Optimism is energizing.
I feel lucky that he was willing to make this jump with me.

AlienCG: Yes, I'm hoping this weekend will be less public and we can just hang out together more quietly.
Thanks for letting me share all of this...it's important to me.

Ananda: Thank you! I love happy beginnings too... I bet there is one for you just around the corner.

MrManuel said...

Laura, I am SO happy for you and I wish you two the best. I hope this all goes perfectly!

Churlita said...

I am such a sucker for romance and happy endings/beginnings. I love reading about it on here. Yea for you and DR. I can't wait to see where this goes for you two. He sounds like a great guy.

Sebastien said...

Hooray!!! Sounds so wonderful, these kind of moments are so good for the soul :)

laura b. said...

MrManuel: I know things won't be perfect, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for "very good" :-)

Churlita: I remain somewhat anxious to see how things go now that we are actually together. Let's face it, makes it a whole new relationship. He is a really great guy though.

Sebastien: That is exactly right. My soul is feeling warm and cared for.